Fattie Bum-Bum - Carl Malcolm 

Cover Artwork Remix of Carl Malcolm Fattie Bum Bum Original Cover Artwork of Carl Malcolm Fattie Bum Bum Some songs, like this rock-steady reggae song from the 1970s are just begging for a remix. Fattie Bum-Bum was apparently Britain's biggest reggae hit - that's probably not saying much. What is also not saying much is the cover of the single, not until we at AllBum.Art remixed it to show the bubble butt babe that Carl Malcolm was almost certainly singing about. And if he wasn't, he should have been!
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Hasten Down The Wind - Linda Ronstadt 

Cover Artwork Remix of Linda Ronstadt Hasten Down The Wind Original Cover Artwork of Linda Ronstadt Hasten Down The Wind Let us go and Hasten Down The Wind with Linda Ronstadt. To do this, according to the vague instructions on the original album cover, we need to find a babe whose nipples are highly visible through her off-the-shoulder dress, standing near the sea shore. Or take the remix where there is a babe whose nipples are now clearly visible as her see-through dress appears to have blown off in the wind that his hastening down her torso. Tree!
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Going Underground - The Jam 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jam Going Underground Original Cover Artwork of Jam Going Underground Whilst we are on the subject of remixes of British rock legends, here's a counterpoint from the 'Mod' generation band The Jam. Going Underground was one of their biggest hits but the cover of the single doesn't indicate who or what it is that is going underground. It turns out (as the remix shows) that it is some shy babe who is going underground (on the subway to you and me) and for some reason she has forgotten all her clothes, except for her overcoat. How apt!
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Pinball Wizard - The Who 

Cover Artwork Remix of Who Pinball Wizard Original Cover Artwork of Who Pinball Wizard "Ever since I was a young boy, I played the silver ball" is the opening line of this 1969 song from rock legends The Who. Now we are led to believe that this is because the person concerned is a Pinball Wizard, but the remix of the single cover artwork offers an alternative suggestion: that the balls being played with might have had other motives than the purely pin in nature. This pinup of a chick is bound to get many young boy's balls played with!
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Loco-Motion - Little Eva 

Cover Artwork Remix of Little Eva Locomotion Original Cover Artwork of Little Eva Locomotion Everybody's doing a brand new dance now. Well it might have been brand new in the 1960s but today it's as common as a dime. The Loco-Motion is a dance originally brought to us by Little Eva and involves all kinds of twists and turns. The original cover shows Ms Boyd but tells us nothing of how the dance is done. On the remixed cover, two topless babes seem to have got carried away with the dance and one is looking rather shocked at the Loco-Motive antics of her friend.
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Walk This Way - Run DMC 

Cover Artwork Remix of Run Dmc Walk This Way Original Cover Artwork of Run Dmc Walk This Way Walk This Way was a hit for Run DMC (and not mentioning those Aerosmith dudes) in the 1980s. The cover of the single shows the band members in an interesting pose. One of them has obviously seen something he wants and is pushing the other two back so that he can get at it first. The question is, what is it that he has seen? The remixed cover shows the answer: two hot topless chicks walking that way. Now you know where the song title comes from!
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Three Steps To Heaven - Eddie Cochran 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cochran 3 Steps Heaven Original Cover Artwork of Cochran 3 Steps Heaven Just follow the Three Steps To Heaven, is what Eddie Cochran instructed us to do way back in 1960. But what will we find if we go there? If the original cover art is to be believed, we will find the aforementioned Mr Cochran playing his guitar. In the remixed version we find that heaven is much more appealing as up those three steps is a naked chick standing around waiting for someone to come past. So let's start the journey, one step at a time, or three all at once, you choose!
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7 Ways To Love - Cola Boy 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cola Boy 7 Ways Love Original Cover Artwork of Cola Boy 7 Ways Love Yesterday we stated that some cover art remixes are inspired by a song's title, and some by a picture. This remix is inspired by both! 7 Ways To Love is an obscure dance single from the 1990s by one-time band Cola Boy. But the title fits the picture perfectly. 7 versions of the same girl, in different states of dress and undress. 7 ways to appreciate the same girl, and all of them lovely. Choice!
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Delights Of The Garden - The Last Poets 

Cover Artwork Remix of Last Poets Garden Delight Original Cover Artwork of Last Poets Garden Delight As has been said many times at AllBum.Art, sometimes a remix of a cover is inspired by the cover of a song or its title, and sometimes by a picture that is just too good to miss the chance to use. This is one of those latter instances where a picture (in this case of a lot of mature ladies in wellington boots in a garden) was just too good not to be used in a remix. In this case it's the 1977 album Delights Of The Garden by The Last Poets With Bernard Purdie. We are sure you will agree that the remix sings more about the delights of the garden than the original cover does!
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Pony - Ginuwine 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pony Ginuwine Original Cover Artwork of Pony Ginuwine Pony was the first single for Washington D.C. rapper Ginuwine. The original cover shows the face of a pony - which is a reasonable thing to show on a single of that name. We feel that Mr Lumpkin would be better served by a different kind of pony though and in the remix we see a naked babe with a pony-tail, but one that is positioned where a real pony would have its tail! Why she is shackled to a train carriage is unknown, a horse drawn carriage perhaps?
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