Everybody's Changing - Keane 
Wednesday, 11 June, 2014, 05:52 - Singles Of The 2000s
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keane everbodys changing remixkeane everbodys changing 1It seems that when putting the original artwork for the cover of their single Everybody's Changing together, British band Keane thought that the best way to symbolize people changing was to show a telegraph post at a jaunty angle. No, no, no! The best way to symbolize changing is to show two babes changing out of their clothes in a nice garden. Isn't it? Flowers!
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I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Scissor Sisters 
Tuesday, 10 June, 2014, 21:46 - Singles Of The 2000s
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scissor sisters dont feel like dancin 1scissor sisters dont feel like dancin 2scissor sisters dont feel like dancin remix
Though we whole-heartedly endorse the idea that the Scissor Sisters should use, as their logo, a pair of scissors wearing high heels, it does leave the cover of I Don't Feel Like Dancin' with many unanswered questions, such as what it is about the use of scissors that is inhibiting the dancing process. As we can see in the remixes, you takes your choice. Either it is because one false move and the scissors are going to cut off the ribbon that is the only thing protecting your modesty, or it's just that the scissors have already done their job and you find yourself naked in the face of their sharp cutting power. Gripping!
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It Started With A Kiss - Hot Chocolate Featuring Errol Brown 
Monday, 9 June, 2014, 21:36 - Singles Of The 1980s
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hot chocolate started with a kiss remixhot chocolate started with a kiss 1We at AllBum.Art try to respond to comment and criticism and do get the occasional message saying that we focus far too much on producing remixes of artwork that use hot young babes and that we should use pictures of older women and not be so ageist. The past couple of days remixes have responded to those criticism as does today's. It Started With A Kiss, or so Hot Chocolate would have us believe. The original shows the bald back of the head of the lead singer Errol Brown. The remix shows a relationship that may well start with a kiss, but looks set to go a lot further very quickly! Mature!
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Sit Down - James 
Sunday, 8 June, 2014, 05:31 - Singles Of The 1990s
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james sit down remixjames sit down 1Following on from yesterday's decision as to whether you Shoulda Woulda Coulda hit it off with an older lady, today you find yourself in the unfortunate position of discovering that she is a cuckoo short of a Swiss wall clock and rather than getting away with some older woman action, you find she is sitting on your back in a most uncomfortable position. Or so the remix of the cover of James song Sit Down would have it. Whether you would have it depends on whether you Woulda or not? Decisions decisions!
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Shoulda Woulda Coulda - Beverley Knight 
Saturday, 7 June, 2014, 05:25 - Singles Of The 2000s
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beverley knight shoulda woulda coulda remixbeverley knight shoulda woulda coulda 1So there you are, minding your own business, when an older woman approaches you and makes it very clear that she is interested in more than just chatting with you. How she makes this clear is by revealing that, with the drop of a floral dressing gown she would be naked. What do you do? Do you go for it, or do you walk away. If no one would find out what would you do? This may be the question that Shoulda Woulda Coulda is addressing in this song by Beverley Knight. Then again maybe it's undressing not addressing. Either way, decide for yourself. Decisions!
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I'm In Heaven - Jason Nevins Presents U.K.N.Y. Featuring Holly James 
Friday, 6 June, 2014, 05:20 - Singles Of The 2000s
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jason nevins ukny holly james heaven 2jason nevins ukny holly james heaven 1Isn't it great when artists co-operate on a single. Maybe. But then again when the name of the artist becomes Jason Nevins Presents U.K.N.Y. Feat. Holly James, perhaps that's a bit too much co-operation. The original cover of I'm In Heaven shows Holly James in a purple hue. Nice. But better still, the remix shows an angel who appears to have fallen to Earth, so not strictly in heaven, but if you bumped into her we are sure she would take you there with her on her way back up. Vertical!
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Doop - Doop 
Thursday, 5 June, 2014, 05:54 - Singles Of The 1990s
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doop doop 2doop doop 1This remix of Doop by Doop is just a thinly veiled excuse to use a picture of a thinly veiled pin-up babe. Beyond that there's not much to add except to say, 'doop doop deeby dabby doo-doo-doop' ad nauseum until such time as the song is so deeply engraved in your brain that the only thing you can think of day, night and all times inbetween is doop and yet you don't actually know what doop means which makes it all the more doopy. Doop!
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My Girl - Otis Redding 
Wednesday, 4 June, 2014, 05:50 - Singles Of The 1960s
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otis redding my girl 2otis redding my girl 1Today we're talkin' 'bout My Girl, by Otis Redding. Red, they say, is the color of passion, which is probably why Mr Redding is pictured against a red background. Either that, or whoever designed the cover of the single recognized the connection between red and Mr Redding's name. In the remix we see the girl about who he is singing. Also in red. It's clear to see why he would want to sing about her and be so possessive with all that 'my girl' tangent, isn't it? Scarlet!
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Take Your Shoes Off - The Cheeky Girls 
Tuesday, 3 June, 2014, 05:46 - Singles Of The 2000s
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cheeky girls shoes off remixcheeky girls shoes off 1Two consecutive days of remixes of The Cheeky Girls' covers! Think yourself lucky that we are not having a whole week of them. This is the remix for Take Your Shoes Off. In the original cover we see the girls themselves standing by a jukebox. Why and what this has to do with the song is lost in the mists of time. The remix shows two different cheeky girls who are in fits of laughter at being told to take their shoes off because it's the only thing they're still wearing! Hilarious!
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Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) - The Cheeky Girls 
Monday, 2 June, 2014, 05:41 - Singles Of The 2000s
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cheeky girls touch my bum 2cheeky girls touch my bum 1Not the first remix of a song by The Cheeky Girls, nor will it be the last as we have another one tomorrow (don't ask why). The good thing about these crazy Romanian girls is that they provide the material for the remix of their own songs. In the original cover of Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) we see the girls shying away from actually touching each other's bums. A photoshoot that they did for a top shelf magazine provides the ideal remix material. Obvious!
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