Let Me Touch Him - The Ministers Quartet 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ministers Quartet Let Me Touch Him Original Cover Artwork of Ministers Quartet Let Me Touch Him Where do we begin when starting with the original album cover for Let Me Touch Him by The Ministers Quartet? On the positive side, there are four band members so that makes them a quartet. And it's possible that they are ministers, but other than their boring choice of attire, that's not obvious. But who are they wanting to touch? On the remix we find four mature babes (so a quartet) who all seem to be jostling to touch the guy in the photo. Two of them have him in their hands and two don't, at least not when the photo was taken. Will he touch them, that is a good question. Would you?
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Organ Fascination - Dave Stephens 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dave Stephens Organ Fascination Original Cover Artwork of Dave Stephens Organ Fascination It would be very easy to have replaced the original front cover artwork for Organ Fascination by Dave Stephens with a picture of a babe who was fascinated by a particular male organ. However, we decided not to go in that particular direction and instead the remix shows a babe who likes to play on her organ, her electric organ that is. Perhaps this is still not clear, just take a look and everything will become apparent. Fascinating!
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Christmas With McGriff - Jimmy McGriff 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jimmy Mcgriff Christmas With Mcgriff Original Cover Artwork of Jimmy Mcgriff Christmas With Mcgriff Another seasonal remix, this time for Jimmy McGriff and his holiday album Christmas With McGriff. On the original album front cover artwork we find a babe sitting on a stool dressed in a Santa outfit. Not much has changed on the remix other than that there is noa w different babe wearing a seasonal costume, but she is sitting on a present rather than a stool. Similarity!
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Watermelon Man - Rafael Nunez 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rafael Nunez Watermelon Man Original Cover Artwork of Rafael Nunez Watermelon Man Rafael Nunez has got it half right. On the original cover artwork for his album Watermelon Man, he shows a watermelon, but the person holding it is not a man, but is instead female (at least that is what she appears to be - looks can be deceptive!) On the remix nothing much has changed except that it is now almost beyond doubt that the person holding the watermelon is female. Fruit!
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Holiday For Teens - Paul And Paula 

Cover Artwork Remix of Paul And Paula Holiday For Teens Original Cover Artwork of Paul And Paula Holiday For Teens What did a Holiday For Teens look like in the 1960s? According to Paul And Paula it looked like a girl and a boy who are obviously not teenagers sitting by a Christmas tree slowly opening presents. On the remix we find an alternative scene for the holiday in which a group of babes (some at least who must be teens) are partying in front of a Christmas tree in their seasonal stockings. Which holiday would you prefer? Choose!
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I Know What He Wants For Christmas - Kay Martin 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kay Martin I Know What He Wants For Xmas Original Cover Artwork of Kay Martin I Know What He Wants For Xmas So are we now far enough into December to start thinking about Christmas? You betcha! The first of our seasonal sounds for this year is I Know What He Wants For Christmas (But I Don't Know How To Wrap It) by Kay Martin And Her Body Guards. We like Ms Martin's approach to this and can see clearly what it is that she is trying to wrap. On the remix we find a more modern babe in a very similar predicament. Just an update of an old classic. Tinsel!

Hi-Heel Sneakers - Tommy Tucker 

Original Cover Artwork of Tommy Tucker Hi Heel Sneakers Cover Artwork Remix of Tommy Tucker Hi Heel Sneakers Cover Artwork Remix of Tommy Tucker Hi Heel Sneakers
Tommy Tucker sings about Hi-Heel Sneakers on his single and album both of the same name. To give credit where it is due, on the original cover artwork, Mr Tucker is dancing with a babe who appears to be wearing some sneakers with a high heel. We are not sure if these were a thing in 1964 or whether he made the whole thing up. In the 2010's however, there are high heel sneakers and thus on the two remixes, we find different babes wearing the aforementioned sneakers with a heel. Well to be truthful, the first babe is not wearing sneakers in the traditional sense but we very much thought her shoes looked a lot like high heel sneakers. In the second remix the babe is definitely wearing sneakers with a bit of a heel on them, but, it would seem, very little else. Trainers!
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Sugar - Nancy Sinatra 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nancy Sinatra Sugar Original Cover Artwork of Nancy Sinatra Sugar Another album cover by this week's featured artist, Nancy Sinatra. This time it is her 1966 album Sugar that gets the AllBum.Art make-over. On the original we see an already raunchy Ms Sinatra wearing a pink bikini that, for the 1960s, was no doubt regarded as skimpy. On the remix we see another picture of Ms Sinatra taken from her 'top shelf' days and though she now sports a blouse, the bikini has evaporated. Melt!
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How Does That Grab You - Nancy Sinatra 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nancy Sinatra How Does That Grab You Original Cover Artwork of Nancy Sinatra How Does That Grab You We begin another week-long special this week, this time with a week's worth of remixes of the covers of work by Nancy Sinatra. Nancy makes a very good subject for remixes as she has, herself, posed in what was once known as 'the altogether' but is these days known as 'in the nude', so making a remix is easy. The first for this week is her album How Does That Grab You. On the original cover we can see Ms Sinatra looking very 1960s. On the remix she is looking very altogether. Does that grab you? How?
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Music For Hangovers - Various Artists 

Cover Artwork Remix of Music For Hangovers Original Cover Artwork of Music For Hangovers Any record on the 'High In-Fidelity' record label must be a good start and Music For Hangovers by Various Artists is no exception. We like the original cover which shows four babes sitting at a bar, drinking. Hair of the dog, no doubt. The remix then probably doesn't add a lot other than to modernize the scene with just the one babe, but a whole wine cellar full of drinks to dog your hair with. Woof!
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