Changes - Chris Lake Featuring Laura V 

Cover Artwork Remix of Chris Lake Changes Original Cover Artwork of Chris Lake Changes Nothing screams Changes better than rainbow lens-flare. At least that is what we would be led to believe if the original front cover artwork of this single by Chris Lake Featuring Laura V was our guide to all things visual. On the remix we find a babe who is either getting dressed, or undressed, or could be in the middle of doing both and is therefore changing. How many times she changes her clothes in a day is definitely not zero, and maybe she changes many times. Strapping!
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The World Is Flat - Echobelly 

Cover Artwork Remix of Echobelly The World Is Flat Original Cover Artwork of Echobelly The World Is Flat There are a whole host of people who believe that The World Is Flat, and among them are the band Echobelly. They demonstrate this on the original single front cover artwork through the use of a piece of cardboard, which is quite flat. On the remix we look at another implication of the world being flat, which is that babes would be flat too. Flat-chested that is. And lying on a flat surface. And that is what the remix illustrates, featureless babes on a horizontal surface. Tedious!
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Covers - Everything But The Girl 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ebtg Covers Original Cover Artwork of Ebtg Covers Everything But The Girl (or EBTG as they're sometimes monikered) bring us an EP of Covers. The original Covers cover artwork covers the essentials: the name of the band, the title of the EP, and the names of the songs they are covering. On the remix we find a girl who is everything but covered, though she is covered by a small black dress. That about covers it for today's remix, or doesn't cover it if you're the girl on the remixed cover of Covers. Clear!
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Wild Thing - The Troggs 

Cover Artwork Remix of Troggs Wild Thing Original Cover Artwork of Troggs Wild Thing Who doesn't know the opening refrain of this The Troggs' song Wild Thing. You make my heart sing. The original cover may make some people's hearts sing, but the remix, we feel, would do a much better job. On it we find a babe enjoying the big wild outdoors, sprawling by a river and next to a waterfall with a picturesque forest beside her. Not only does she like being in the wild[/wild], but her clothing (or lack of) suggest she has a wild attitude too. Thing!
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Fair And Warner - Steve Allen Presents Sandy Warner 

Cover Artwork Remix of Steve Allen Sandy Warner Fair And Warner Original Cover Artwork of Steve Allen Sandy Warner Fair And Warner Interesting, in an uninteresting kind of way, isn't it? When Steve Allen Presents Sandy Warner, and calls the album Fair And Warner, what wasn't it thinking about, about thinking fairly about the word fair. Is 'fair', as the original album front cover artwork suggests, just a babe in high heels on a chair? Is the remix any fairer, given there is still a babe, a chair, and some high heels, but now she is outdoors, and other than her espadrilles, she is fairly nude. The fairer sex maybe? Erk!
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Flat Beat - Mr Oizo 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mr Oizo Flat Beat Original Cover Artwork of Mr Oizo Flat Beat Who can forget the iconic video for Flat Beat by Mr Oizo where his compadre Flat Eric (the teddy bear looking thing) taps his hands in time to the music, makes a phone call and does all manner of things that detract from the simple fact that the song is awful. The original front cover artwork shows a number of shots of said Flat Eric character. The remix features a babe who appears to be dancing to a beat, and is, as it goes, as flat-chested as the salt flats of Utah. Just as distracting. Toneless!
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Summertime - The Sundays 

Original Cover Artwork of Sundays Summertime Cover Artwork Remix of Sundays Summertime Cover Artwork Remix of Sundays Summertime

A summery triple-play for The Sundays and their single Summertime. On the original cover is a ladybug. Why this is representative of summer is not that clear. On the first remix, we have a babe standing in the sea in her bikini, which unfortunately seems to have gotten rather wet. It's a summery vision though. On the second remix a different babe has foregone her bikini altogether, and is standing in the altogether in a colorful floral garden. Wall!
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Show Me A Sign - Kontakt 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kontakt Show Me A Sign Original Cover Artwork of Kontakt Show Me A Sign Show Me A Sign, that is the simple request that is coming from Kontakt. The original single front cover artwork shows virtually nothing, other than the name of the band and the title of the song and the name of the record company. The remix shows a babe who is holding up a sign, with the name of the band and the title of the song on it. She is showing us a sign. She is also showing us a little more than this, but we doubt that this would raise anything other than a sign or two. Signature!
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I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore - The Snake Oil Willie Band 

Cover Artwork Remix of Snake Oil Willie Band Dont Look Good Naked Anymore Original Cover Artwork of Snake Oil Willie Band Dont Look Good Naked Anymore We would tend to agree with The Snake Oil Willie Band that based on the artwork on the original front cover of their single, I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore, they don't look that great naked any more. The bulging pink belly is not that attractive. On the remix is an older babe who maybe thinks she doesn't look good naked any more, but that is a matter for personal taste. Sure, her hair is going grey, and her skin is wrinkled in places, but her body is still taut and toned. Evermore!

No Fronts - Dog Eat Dog 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dog Eat Dog No Fronts Original Cover Artwork of Dog Eat Dog No Fronts Not only does the original single cover artwork for No Fronts by Dog Eat Dog have no fronts, it doesn't have anything other than a crown, the title of the song, and the name of the band. The remix retains these items, but adds in a babe standing in front of a mirror. It would appear that she also has no fronts, or at least not much of a front though her long hair is coyly covering up what little evidence there may be. Reflect!
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