I Need Your Lovin' - Teena Marie 

Tuesday, 19 May, 2020, 05:07 - Single Covers, Singles Of The 1980s, Safe For Work
Cover Artwork Remix of Teena Marie I Need Your Lovin Original Cover Artwork of Teena Marie I Need Your Lovin Another remix for Teena Marie and this time she is telling us that I Need Your Lovin' (which we translate as meaning that she needs our lovin'). To give credit where it's due, Ms Marie does look a little needy on the original single front cover artwork. On the remix, the level of neediness has been wound up a notch, as the babe shown standing by a window (and a radiator) looks as if she was ready for lovin' but has been let down and is wondering when her lover will arrive. Better luck next time, eh? No-show!


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