Whisky In The Jar - Thin Lizzy 

Cover Artwork Remix of Thin Lizzy Whisky In The Jar Original Cover Artwork of Thin Lizzy Whisky In The Jar Yesterday we remixed a single by Philip Lynott the guitarist and lead singer of Thin Lizzy and today it is the turn of the band themselves and their song Whisky In The Jar (note there is no 'e' in Whisky as they are obviously drinking Scotch, not Irish Whiskey, which is odd given the heritage of the band). Anyway, on the original cover we find the band members staring out at us from under their 70's mustaches and frizzy hair cuts. On the remix (one of our rare 'XXX-Rated Remixes') we find a babe who has put a bottle of whiskey in her jar (well that's one name for it anyway). Slurp!


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