Get Down - Gene Chandler 

Sunday, 28 August, 2016, 05:34 - Singles Of The 1970s, Single Covers, Safe For Work, High Heels
Cover Artwork Remix of Gene Chandler Get Down Original Cover Artwork of Gene Chandler Get Down Yeah, baby, Get Down on that funk-jive master-beat. At least that's how radio DJs of the 1970s introduced Gene Chandler's single. The original cover has the heel of a high heel shoe and what might be a pair of glasses, or a bra (it's difficult to tell) silhouetted against a deep red and pink background. All we, at AllBum.Art have done is added in a bunny girl getting down, or at least bending down to remove her panties. How's that for 1970s funk-jive? Down-pop!


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