Don't Stop - Status Quo 
Sunday, 22 February, 2015, 05:45 - Albums Of The 1990s, Singles Of The 1990s
Cover Artwork Remix of Status Quo Dont Stop Original Cover Artwork of Status Quo Dont Stop Back in November 2013 we had a whole week of remixes of covers of songs by Status Quo but as such prolific songwriters of twelve-bar blues based material, there's plenty more to have a go at. Don't Stop is both a single and an album by the band. On the remix we find out exactly why not stopping is recommended. Though it might be enticing to come to a halt to see a naked chick standing on a highway overpass, it is likely to lead to a severe traffic incident. Don't do it. Don't stop. Oh, and a message to the chick concerned, don't stop doing that either. Choice!


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