Seven Tears - The Goombay Dance Band 
Wednesday, 17 September, 2014, 05:37 - Singles Of The 1980s
goombay dance band 7 tears 1goombay dance band 7 tears 2goombay dance band 7 tears remix
The Goombay Dance Band, who could possibly forget them? Except everyone, la? This remix is a special request for someone we will just call JQ - he knows who he is. Initially we thought Seven Tears, perhaps we could do a large wedding cake and claim we thought the title was seven tiers? But that wouldn't involve lots of hot babes. So there are two remixes for you, one features seven babes in sexy lingerie that would bring a tear to anyone. The second includes seven naked girls, one of who is being held up by the other, in a kind of a tiered fashion. Or no fashion. Alright for you JQ? Garble!


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