I'm So Excited - Pointer Sisters 

Original Cover Artwork of Pointer Sisters So Excited I'm So Excited is the 1982 single from thePointer Sisters. Although it dates to 1982, it's style has a lot in common with the 1970s disco sounds, the covers of which have formed a bit of a theme over the past few days here at AllBum.Art. But Oh, what a dull, dull, dull (did someone say dull) cover. It has yellow. It has blue. It has some words. It does not have any evidence of The Pointer Sisters. It does not show any propensity for excitement. It is a cover for the sake of covers, to protect the inwardly protected single from dust. To protect the grooves on the vinyl from the ingress of dirt. To stop the single getting mucky.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Pointer Sisters So Excited But getting mucky is what a song such as I'm So Excited screams out for on it's cover. What it needs is sisters (in the widest sense of the word, rather than necessarily the clinical one) who are not just excited, but just can't hide it. They need to be about to lose control, and they need to think they like it. The girl in the centre of this remixed cover fits that description to a penny. The look on her face says more than the song needs to. It has blue, yes. It has some words, yes. It shows some sisters, oh yes. It shows a propensity for immediate excitement, definitely. As for protecting the grooves, it does that too. A clear and unequivocal improvement, darn tootin'.

Click for the full-size image [600px by 600px].


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