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Original Cover Artwork of Divinyls DivinylsAustralian band Divinyls released their self-titled album in 1991. They are probably most famous for their song 'I Touch Myself' which reached number 1 in their home country and number 4 in the US Billboard Top 100. Both the cover of the single 'I Touch Myself' and of their album 'Divinyls' featured the lead singer wearing a fishnet type dress with apparently nothing underneath. On the single cover we get to see her naked bum, though with shadows playing over the photo, it's not easy to make out whether she is nude or is faking it. On the album cover, she is facing sideways and 'touching herself' in a way that still doesn't clear up the nakedness question.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Divinyls Divinyls This alternative version answers the nakedness question to a larger extent. Now we see the singer has turned to face us and has put her hands down by her sides revealing that she is, clearly, topless. Oddly her face and hairstyle have changed and the dress she is wearing seems to have a different spacing in the mesh, but this could just be a trick of the light. It does appear that she might be completely nude, however the album title is obscuring the part of her body that would provide a full frontal answer, so that particular enigma will remain untouched for now.

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