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      • Better The Devil You Know - Sonia
        And so to Halloween itself, October 31. And what have we chosen to remix today? An obscure song called Better The Devil You Know by British babe Sonia. The song is about as cheery and bubblegum as it gets, which is what makes it such a good target for a remix. In the original cover we see Sonia s

      • I'm Not Scared - Eighth Wonder Featuring Patsy Kensit
        Only one more day until Halloween but Eighth Wonder Featuring Patsy Kensit are not the least bit concerned. At least Ms Kensit isn't as she sings I'm Not Scared. She does look a little scared on the cover of the single though so in the remix she has been replaced by a woman who is evident

      • Witch's Promise - Jethro Tull
        What is it that the Witch's Promised Jethro Tull? To look really stupid wearing cowboy outfits in a field? They obviously upset her somehow. In the remix we see the witches convening a coven to decide what to do next. If only they had allowed Jethro to use a picture of their coven it might

      • Devil Woman - Cliff Richard
        Another remix for Cliff Richard but this time with a Halloween theme. Mr Richard sings about a Devil Woman, but the cover of his single shows only Mr Richard singing about a devil woman. There's no indication of who the woman might be or what about her it is that makes her so devilish. In th

      • Evil Woman - Electric Light Orchestra
        Ooh, an Evil Woman. That's what the Electric Light Orchestra are singing about. Sadly, the cover of their single shows a load of hirsute 1970s style men. Oh, you mean that's the band themselves - should have guessed. The remix shows a very evil woman. So evil in fact that she only needs

      • Witchcraft - Frank Sinatra
        Frank Sinatra's songs regularly make excellent sources for remixing covers here at AllBum.Art. His 1958 song Witchcraft is no exception. On the original cover artwork we see Mr Sinatra. That's it. Just Mr Sinatra. What isn't obvious is that even in the 1950s there were ways to era

      • Devil - Stereophonics
        Now we kind of like the original cover for the song Devil by Stereophonics. They have tried to reflect the somewhat naughty nature of a devil by introducing what appears to be walls covered in multicolored slime and a babe whose provenance is questionable. As for the lipstick, that bit is not clea

      • Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The Police
        In the run-up to Halloween, we thought we at AllBum.Art should provide a few remixes of the cover artwork of some Halloween Hits. We're beginning gently with this remix of a song by The Police of their song Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. The original cover is a little mystical, perhaps.

      • My Generation - The Who
        Another viewer submitted entry, this time from Rosemary Kittle of Palm Bay, FL. Of her remix of My Generation by The Who she writes:People think that us silver-surfers are just interested in vacations and pensions but many of us still enjoy a good time in the bedroom. My remix of the song shows ho

      • Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 Featuring Christina Aguilera
        A first remix of a song by Maroon 5 here at AllBum.Art but not the first for Christina Aguilera. Moves Like Jagger tells the story of how the band's singer can perform like the old Rolling Stones frontman. But the cover does not demonstrate his skills in this regard. The remix shows a couple

      • Work - Kelly Rowland
        Now let's see what's going on here. In the original cover for the single Work by Kelly Rowland, we see Ms Rowland standing around in the nude, well except for some kind of silver decoration on her back. But no evidence of her doing any work. In the remix we see a babe who is clearly har

      • Moving On Up - M People
        Here we are with a remix of the cover art for Moving On Up my M People. On the original cover we see the frizzy haired lead singer of the band looking, if anything, very glum. Thankfully that can be resolved as we have done in the remix. On the remixed cover we see a similar looking babe with equ

      • Sunday Girl - Blondie
        Sometimes, here at AllBum.Art we like to have a little fun. Well, when we say 'sometimes' we mean 'most of the time'. In that vain, when we saw the picture that we have used on the remixed cover of Sunday Girl by Blondie, Chas who deals with all the web-stuff said 'Hey, th

      • It's My Party - Jessie J
        Another remix for Jessie J, this time for her single It's My Party. On the original cover we see Ms J in five different poses but where's the party? There's no cake and no balloons. The remix corrects this fatal error and we find a babe who is having a great time at a party. How do

      • Trash Me - Heidi Montag
        Another day, another remix for Heidi Montag. The original cover for her single Trash Me shows Ms Montag sitting on top of a television which is showing her face. Clearly she feels that there can never be too much of her on her artwork. On the remix is a babe wrapped in a see-through trash bag wit

      • Dreams Come True - Heidi Montag
        Almost right up to date with a remix of Dreams Come True by Heidi Montag. On the original album cover, some dreams may have already come true, if your dream is to see Ms Montag in a pink satin swimsuit and high heels squatting down in front of a metal wall. Alternatively, maybe your dreams would c

      • Time Will Tell - Millie
        It's not the first, and probably won't be the last time that a banana has appeared on the cover of an album. Today it is the turn of Millie and her album Time Will Tell. On the original cover you will find Ms Small sitting on an oversized, ripe banana (so ripe in fact that it has almost

      • Hung Up - Madonna
        It seems highly counter-intuitive that for a single called Hung Up, Madonna would choose to pose sitting on the floor on the front cover of her single. The remix far better displays the notion of being hung up, as we see a babe who has been hung up from the ceiling of a room whose only other occupa

      • Bigger Than Big - Super Mal Featuring Luciana
        What might be Bigger Than Big? Super Mal Featuring Luciana try to explain this with the front cover of their single, and it is a spray-painted babe on a wall. Let's simplify this, and look at the remix where there is a babe whose ample tits are unquestionably bigger than big. In fact, they a

      • I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys
        Back with the Backstreet Boys and their single I Want It That Way. The only indication of the direction of 'that way' that is given by the original single cover artwork is that one of the band members is pointing towards the photographer. On the remix we find a naked babe standing by a b

      • View From A Bridge - Kim Wilde
        What can be seen? What is the View From A Bridge? Well, of the original cover for the single by Kim Wilde is our guidance, the simple fact is that we don't know, as all we see is Ms Wilde looking from the aforementioned bridge. On the remix there is a topless babe standing on a bridge or mayb

      • Forever Young - Alphaville
        Forever Young, that is what Alphaville either claim to be, or are inviting us to be. Either way, standing on what appears to be some post-industrial landscape wearing short trousers or pointing the sky seems to be what amounts to all the information we get. On the remix we find an older babe who i

      • Age Ain't Nothing But A Number - Aaliyah
        Age Ain't Nothing But A Number is both an album and a single by Aaliyah. The original cover artwork shows the singer resting against a wall, and some blurry dude in the background. Age defying! On the remix we find an old babe holding up her dress to cover most of, but not all of, her modest

      • Can I Get A Witness - Sam Brown
        Can I Get A Witness? What for, Sam Brown? Is it to evidence that your photographer has failed to take a decent picture, leaving it blurry and with nothing clear other than your teeth? If the original single front cover artwork is to be believed, that is for sure why you need a witness. On the remi

      • Sailing On The Seven Seas - OMD
        Sailing On The Seven Seas, right? That is the title of the song by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (or OMD for short)? So how come the original cover artwork seems to show an oil slick? Is that what OMD believe constitutes good design? At AllBum.Art we thought the whole thing would look better

      • Dust In The Wind - Kansas
        What can be said about the original single front cover artwork for Dust In The Wind by Kansas? It seems to feature a half woman, half bird, half brass creature in front of a circular dust storm. It makes complete sense, that is, if your idea of sense is nonsensical nonsense sense. On the remix we

      • Indian Summer - Manic Street Preachers
        It's the Manic Street Preachers everyone! Woo hoo! This is their single Indian Summer. On the original cover artwork is a girl holding onto the branch of a tree. It may well be summer, and the girl (or the tree) may be Indian. On the remix is a babe in an Indian head-dress. Is she Indian,

      • Girls Who Play Guitars - Maximo Park
        When Maximo Park sang about Girls Who Play Guitars, it would appear, if the cover of their single is to be believed, that what was actually on their mind was two relatively ordinary people in grey clothes looking into the deep yellow beyond. What we think about when we see the title girls who play

      • Trick Me - Kelis
        We fail to see why sucking on a lollipop would constitute being tricked in any way, unless it had hot chilli powder in it. But this is what Kelis thinks would make a good representation of that particular scenario. We think that Trick Me would be better represented by the picture in the remixed co

      • Glamour Pussy - Hipkiss
        Before you go getting carried away - yes - there are an enormous range of ways in which the cover to a song called Glamour Pussy could be remixed. But trying to stay in the glamorous style that the band Hipkiss adopted, we have shied away from the more obvious photos and instead replaced the cute b

      • Fuck Me Pumps - Amy Winehouse
        One should never speak ill of the dead, or so they say, but with the month of October beckoning, perhaps pointing out the glaring mistake in the cover of their single is permissible. The cover of Fuck Me Pumps by the now deceased Amy Winehouse shows Ms Winehouse lounging around but, and here's

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