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      • Ridin' Solo - Jason Derulo
        We give Jason Derulo one bonus point for remembering to put an apostrophe to replace the missing letter in the title of his single Ridin' Solo. However, we will take that point away as the original front cover artwork of his single gives us no indication of what it is that he is ridin'.

      • Love Eviction - Quartz Lock Featuring Lonnie Gordon
        It may be possible to determine, from the original front cover of the single Love Eviction by Quartz Lock Featuring Lonnie Gordon why there was some kind of expulsion of love going on. After all, Ms Gordon's t-shirt is revealing more than perhaps is necessary and that could have caused some ki

      • You Can Get It If You Really Want - Jimmy Cliff
        That old reggae classic, You Can Get It If You Really Want, is the subject of today's AllBum.Art remix. On the original single cover artwork we tried our hardest to understand what you could get if you really wanted. Presumably something that you might not want, but only if you really want.

      • Raise Your Hands - Reel 2 Reel Featuring The Mad Stuntman
        Raise Your Hands is what Reel 2 Real Featuring The Mad Stuntman ask us, or indeed tell us, to do. But oddly on the original single cover artwork, the two guys pictured are not raising their hands at all. Nor are either of them performing any mad stunts. On the remix we find a babe who is performi

      • Stand By Your Man - Tammy Wynette
        Although the original single cover artwork for Stand By Your Man shows Tammy Wynette in what is presumably a standing position, it shows no signs of the man of whom she sings as being next to her when she is standing. On the remix we find a babe standing close to her man. Not strictly by him in th

      • Ace Of Spades - Motorhead
        The Ace Of Spades - is this simply a playing card, or is it someone who is expert at digging? If we use the original album (and single of the same name) cover artwork to try and answer this question we find no more information, other than that the band members could probably use someone to help wit

      • Any Way You Want It - Journey
        Journey suggest that you can have it Any Way You Want It if, that is, you want a rainbow colored scarab flying towards a blue-black planet with a slightly twisted ring system. Obviously this is what the band wanted at the time, suggesting they may have been on some kind of hallucinogenic drugs. On

      • Ch-Check It Out - The Beastie Boys
        Let's Ch-Check It Out with the Beastie Boys. And what do we find when we do this, well none other than a rat singing into a microphone. So let's remix this cl-classic and on the re-remix we find two babes and a guy. The guy is looking at the second of the babes. The first of the babes

      • Reflections - Carly Simon
        Reflections is Carly Simon's greatest hits album. On the original cover artwork we find Ms Simon grinning inanely at us. On the remix we find a couple of differences. Firstly the babe in the picture has a very clear reflection in the mirror behind her. Secondly, we thing she has some of the

      • Don't Push It Don't Force It - Leon Haywood
        Leon Haywood is not wrong when he says Don't Push It Don't Force It, because doing something like that could do serious damage. In his case the damage is to the original single cover artwork where the only thing that is being forced is Mr Haywood's face upon us. On the remix (and th

      • Moonlight Shadow - Mike Oldfield
        Moonlight Shadow is what Mike Oldfield (occasionally shown as featuring Maggie Reilly) tells us about in his single. On the original cover, it is not clear whether the sea is being lit up by the moonlight or not. But on the remix, it is very clear that it is, indeed, the moon that is causing shado

      • Surprise - Bizarre Inc
        Another in our very exclusive series of 'triple-X-rated' remixes, or Remi-XXX-es as we like to call them. This time it is the turn of Bizarre Inc, and their single Surprise. On the original cover we find what can only really be described as a hat. If there is anything surprising about it

      • Sky - Sonique
        Ah, yes, Sky, by Sonique. But oh, the sky that is supposedly in the background of the original cover artwork for the single is not real. How can we tell, well the horizontal striping is a bit of a dead giveaway, unless there were some very odd cloud formations on the day the picture was taken. Th

      • Point Of View - db Boulevard
        What is the Point Of View of db Boulevard? An interesting question whose answer seems to be to do with cardboard cut-outs, including one of a giant billboard with the band's name on it. The remix, on the other hand, shows a far more picturesque point of view with rolling mountains and lush co

      • Mr President - Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich
        Some might say that the remix of Mr President by Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich (DBM&T) is a little too subtle, other than, of course, showing a teen babe flashing her ass at us. Why might they think this? Largely because you have to look quite closely to see that the picture has been take

      • Point Of View - Matumbi
        What is Matumbi's Point Of View? A red jacket, yellow tie and black shirt on a hanger in front of a green curtain, that's what. Yes, some very obscure metaphorical analogies going on here because we assume that they have taken the point of view of someone who has no idea about how to pro

      • Lucky Stars - Dean Friedman
        Dean Friedman (pronounced 'freed-man' and not 'fried-man' as it would otherwise appear) sings to us about Lucky Stars. But on the cover of his single he looks anything other than lucky, in fact he seems gaunt and dreary, which kind of reflects his music. Anyhow, we thought the

      • Ass Like That - Eminem
        Eminem, or 'Pinky McToosh' as he is known here at AllBum.Art for reasons that are far too complex and involved to explain here, has become, it seems, a character from Sesame Street on the cover of his single Ass Like That. Of course, what is really needed is an ass, and preferably one tha

      • So You Wanna Go The Whole Way - Roxette
        So You Wanna Go The Whole Way? That is the question that Swedish songsters Roxette are succinctly asking. The answer, according to the cover of their single is, 'take a look at my cool sunglasses', which for us does not seem to answer the question at all. Maybe that's how they work

      • Short Fat Fannie - Larry Williams
        Larry Williams sings of a Short Fat Fannie. But on the cover of his original recording, there is only Mr Williams to view with no help constructing a mental picture of what Fannie might look like. If it weren't for the title we wouldn't even know how tall or plump she was. Thankfully th

      • Star To Fall - Cabin Crew
        Cabin Crew are very definitely waiting for a Star To Fall, the original cover artwork of their single makes this very clear with its vert repetitive text which repeats the same text again and again and again in a very repetitive fashion that repeats itself a lot. But where are the cabin crew? On th

      • Bedsitter - Soft Cell
        Ah, yes. Soft Cell and Bedsitter. What could possibly say 'bedsitter' more than standing in front of a blue wall covered in knives, spoons and various other kitchen accoutrements. Obviously nothing, if you're the band members. But for us, two alternatives spring to mind. Firstly, a b

      • Everytime In Rains - Ace Of Base
        So it seems that on the original cover artwork for Everytime It Rains by Ace Of Base, we find the four band members of which at least three are wearing some kind of waterproof clothing (it's not clear if the tunic being worn by the dark-haired babe would provide much protection against precipit

      • Wash In The Rain - The Bees (UK)
        Now it may just be that on the original cover of Wash In The Rain by The Bees (UK), that there is, in fact, someone or something that is being washed in the rain, but the picture has been so badly cropped that other than possibly indicating that it is raining, there is little extra to go on. In the

      • Rain Down On Me - Kain
        Continuing on the theme of rain, we have for you, a remix of Rain Down On Me by Kane. The original cover artwork shows a stylized dragon of some kind or other which seems to have been superimposed on a background that might just represent raindrops falling on rain-sodden land. We need things a lit

      • Rain - The Cult
        We like a good rain-based remix here at AllBum.Art as a sexy babe soaking wet is always a sight to behold. Today it is the turn of The Cult and their single Rain to hit the remix table. The original cover shows a cloud, which may, or may not, be a rain cloud. The remix shows a babe who has gotten

      • We Are Family - Sister Sledge
        Whilst we are in a family mood, here's another sibling related remix. We Are Family was a hit for Sister Sledge in the 70s and again in the 80s and 90s as a remix, so it is only fitting that the cover of their single (and album of the same name) receives the AllBum.Art treatment. On the origin

      • Daughter - Pearl Jam
        Just what were Pearl Jam on when they were thinking about what to put on the cover for their single Daughter? In fact what exactly is it that is on the cover? It looks like the inside of a cheese grater lit up in red light. Anyhow, thank goodness for AllBum.Art as we can help sort out the mess fo

      • On My Knees - The 411 Featuring Ghostface Killah
        411 is a band comprising four cute looking girls, so what is the '11' bit - perhaps this relates to bingo where legs are eleven, or maybe we made that bit up. Either way, the original cover artwork for their single On My Knees Featuring Ghostface Killah (who is so ghostly they don't

      • Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) - Safri Duo
        The original single for Safri Duo's Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) fails in so many ways, it's not even worth counting them. So instead let's just count the bongos on the remixed version and find that there are two of them. A duo of bongos, no less. And the played-a-live bit? Well

      • Work - Rihanna Featuring Drake
        Coming right up to date (almost) with this Labor Day song about Work from Rihanna Featuring Drake. On the original single front cover artwork you will find Ms Fenty holding her hands over her face, probably to hide her shame at just how little work it took to write the lyrics to the song. On the re

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