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      • My White Bicycle - Tomorrow
        We will give Tomorrow some credit for the cover of their single My White Bicycle. Why would we do this? Well for the simple reason that it has a picture of a bicycle on it, and although the cover is in black and white, thereby obscuring the actual color of the aforementioned bike, it could well be

      • Jesus Use Me - The Faith Tones
        We were alerted to the cover of the album Jesus Use Me by The Faith Tones, by Colin Fetting of Montgomery, AL. Apparently, it is regarded as one of the worst album covers of all time and so Colin thought we ought to have a go a remixing it. The original cover is, well, just awful. The remix shows

      • Rosie - Don Partridge
        It's always nice to welcome a new guest contributor. Phil Darnall of England sent us this remix of Rosie by Don Partridge. Phil tells us that the ‘bird’ (partridge pun there) in the remix is a woman he used to date and who was into many kinks so beingshackled between two trees in a church

      • Road To Nowhere - Talking Heads
        We're on a Road To Nowhere, or at least we were according to New York songstrels Talking Heads. The difficult is, that, according to the original cover, the road, buildings and anything else in the neighborhood have been ripped up by some kind of tornado and thrown randomly into the air. The r

      • Sunlight - DJ Sammy
        It might just be our warped minds, but on the original cover of Sunlight by DJ Sammy, it appears the Mr Sammy himself is squatting down and holding his head as if he has a headache. Is the sun too bright for his eyes? Whatever the reason, replacing him with something more sunny is definitely in or

      • Angel - Giuseppe Ottaviani Featuring Faith
        Regular visitors to AllBum.Art will be aware that we have a particular fetish for angels. This, the chance to remix the cover of Angel by Giuseppe Ottaviani Featuring Faith was too much of an opportunity to turn down. On the original cover artwork - no angel. On the remixed cover artwork - one an

      • Jeepster - T-Rex
        This is where we at AllBum.Art have to make an apology. We found this great picture of a naked babe posing in front of a Hummer and used it to remix the cover of Jeepster by T-Rex. We know that Jeepster and Hummer are not the same thing, but they are very similar. We are hoping you will forgive u

      • Hello - Lionel Richie
        Another AllBum.Art remix for Mr Lionel Richie. This time it's a user submitted entry from Dale Ancona of Rexburg, ID. Dale tells us:It seems to me that Mr Richie needs his ears checked with his incessant caterwauling of 'hello'. So I thought he should be on the phone to a nurse who

      • Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
        Bob Dylan has us Knockin' On Heaven's Door in this remix of the cover of his 1973 single. Now far be it for us to in any way denigrate the efforts of such an iconic singer, but we want to know what we will find, should we go a-knocking on the door to Eden. The remix offers a glimpse to w

      • Big Mistake - Natalie Imbruglia
        Another remix for Australian Natalie Imbruglia, whose song titles seem to lend themselves to remixing. This time it's the turn of her 1998 single Big Mistake. On the original cover we see Ms Imbruglia, though it is not clear what the mistake is. Perhaps it is the rather unfetching jacket tha

      • Puss 'n' Boots - Adam Ant
        As we say many times at AllBum.Art, sometimes the title of a song is just screaming for a remix and Puss 'n' Boots by Adam Ant is one of those songs. The original artwork shows Mr Goddard in of his retro pirate/highwayman poses. The remix shows a babe wearing boots, and a hat styled in a

      • Angel - Saint Etienne
        A triple-play of angelic madness for Saint Etienne, as we remix the cover of their single Angel. You can choose what degree of angelicity you desire. On the original there are no angels. On the first remix there is one angel. And on the second remix there are two angels (or to be precise there is

      • Gonna Catch You - Lonnie Gordon
        Who do you want to catch you if you fall? Is it Lonnie Gordon, because if it is, you are in luck. Ms Gordon is Gonna Catch You, or at least that is what she says she is going to do, but the original cover of her single doesn't offer much indication of how she will do this. The remixed artwor

      • You Can Get It If You Really Want - Desmond Dekker
        You Can Get It If You Really Want, is what Desmond Dekker so aptly told us in 1970. But the original cover artwork of the single, whilst allowing us to see Mr Dekker, doesn't indicate what it is that we might want to get if it were on offer. The remix solves this as we see that what appears t

      • See Thru - Smalltown DJs Featuring Lisa Lobsinger
        When the title of a track is See Thru, there is always plenty of scope for a remix of the cover artwork, and this track by Smalltown DJs Featuring Lisa Lobsinger is no exception to the rule. On the original cover we see nothing at all, just the name of the artist and the title of the song. On the

      • Desert Rose - Sting Featuring Cheb Mami
        Another triple-play from AllBum.Art, this time from Sting Featuring Cheb Mami. The song is called Desert Rose and on the original cover we see Mr Sumner staring out across the desert. But what is he looking at? Is there a desert rose in front of him? It appears there could be as in the remixes w

      • Candles - Alex Reece
        Alex Reece brought us the single Candles in 1996. But the cover of the single had been passed through the highest possible 'blur' setting on whatever photo editing tool that had been used, telling us nothing about why the cover has any connection to candles. Thankfully, AllBum.Art has fo

      • Poison - Alice Cooper
        It's easy to wonder what Alice Cooper was thinking when they prepared the cover for their single Poison. Were they thinking that by having a dark, foreboding background, it might hint at industrial waste? Were they thinking that writing the word 'poison' in red was somehow reminisce

      • Honest Mistake - The Bravery
        What do you make of the original cover artwork for the single Honest Mistake from The Bravery? It appears to show two babes wearing little more than high heels, but whose features have been so badly blurred that whether they are clothed or not is totally unclear. Thankfully, AllBum.Art can exclusi

      • Love And Kisses - Love And Kisses
        Whilst we are dealing with those 70's songsters Love And Kisses, here is a remix for their eponymously titled first album (in case that means nothing to you, it means the album is named after the band and is also called Love And Kisses). The original cover shows a babe whose clothes are being

      • How Much, How Much I Love You - Love And Kisses
        The 1970s seem to be the heyday for album covers that were already high on the risqué register. The original cover of How Much, How Much I Love You by Love And Kisses shows a naked babe riding a horse but in an erotic pose, not a lady Godiva pose where her extremities are covered by her long hair.

      • Perfect 10 - The Beautiful South
        The second in this short series of user-submitted remixes from The Beautiful South by Wilf Hooton of Hull, UK. This time Wilf has provided us with a triple-play of remixes for the song Perfect 10. Wilf says, "I couldn't decide which babe on the remix was more appropriate, the perfect spe

      • Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) - The Beautiful South
        Two in a row remixes that have been submitted by a self-proclaimed fan of AllBum.Art, both of them remixes for songs by The Beautiful South. The first is for their single Rotterdam (Or Anywhere). As even the densest geography student knows, Rotterdam is in Holland where, even the densest sociology

      • - City Boy
        City Boy's song,, is obviously about making a telephone call. But the cover of their single doesn't even have a phone on it and although the band screech on about '5705 but there's no reply, I keep calling...' they don't provide us with any idea of why they wo

      • Upside Down - DJ K Gee
        A remix of a remix, or 'remix squared'. Upside Down by DJ K Gee is a remix of Diana Ross's original version of Upside Down. Exactly what the original cover tells us is very unclear, it's just a 70s inspired jumble of bright colors. The remix is far more topsy turvy and shows a

      • Upside Down - A*Teens
        The original cover and title of Upside Down by the A*Teens is odd in two ways:The remix at least fixes most of these problems as we find 'a teen' who is 'upside down'. There are also several other teens around, thereby dealing with the plurality problem. uʍop ǝpᴉsdn!

      • What About Me? - Moving Pictures
        This user submitted entry comes from Dale of Woolloomooloo, Australia. Dale doesn't give us his family name but if it is as long as unpronounceable as the name of the town he lives in, perhaps that's for the better. Dale has sent us a remix of the cover of What About Me, by Moving Pictur

      • You Win Again - Bee Gees
        According to the Bee Gees, You Win Again. Or someone wins again. The thing is, the original cover gives no indication of the competition that must be taking place in order that someone can win (again), and someone can lose (maybe for the first time, maybe not - the band are not specific on that po

      • Naked - Reef
        What is the old maxim... "An opportunity lost will never roll a stone over the cook's broth", or something like that. Either way, Reef missed an enormous opportunity here with their single Naked, in two particular ways. Firstly, the title of the song, naked, which is just asking for

      • The Riverboat Song - Ocean Colour Scene
        Another nautical remix, this time from Ocean Colour Scene who are sailing along in The Riverboat Song. The original cover shows us the band and maybe, just possibly, they used a fish-eye lens to give their slightly squinted perspective. But far better might be a babe on a boat, on a river. And be

      • First Of May - Bee Gees
        What is the day? It's the first of May. Which can only mean one thing - it's time for a remix. And what better to remix than a song called the First Of May by none other than the Bee Gees. On the original cover we find the band looking like a sixties throwback in black and red. Now of cou

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