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      • Sunny - Boney M
        Sunny by Boney M. What images does this conjure up for you? Is it:
        (a) The band standing around in a photo studio against a red backdrop. Or
        (b) A hot chick on a sunny beach wearing naught but a scarf and high heels?
        For Boney M, it's clearly the former as that is what is sho

      • This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) - The Isley Brothers
        What picture did The Isley Brothers choose to feature on the original cover of their single This Old Heart Of Mine? Oddly, a couple on a beach sitting around holding a beach ball. In the remix all we have done is wound on the story an hour or so to the point where all their clothes have fallen off

      • Paper Roses - Marie Osmond
        Ah, how sweet the picture of Marie Osmond on the cover of her 1973 single Paper Roses sandwiched, as she is, between her name and the title of the song, and some rather scrappy looking pink paper roses. Actually, as far as the AllBum.Art scoring system goes, this cover gets full marks as it include

      • Feeling Good - Michael Bublé
        There is always a perfect time to remix the cover of any Michael Bublé single and when that single is called Feeling Good, the time can never be soon enough. Our Canadian friend's apparent desire to be called Boob-lay instead of the more or less accurate Bubb-le opens him up for many boob bas

      • #SELFIE - The Chainsmokers
        Of the many obvious and oblivious pictures that could have been chosen to remix the totally dull original cover of The Chainsmokers single #SELFIE, the one that now graces the remixed cover artwork has to be the best. It's a hot babe, wearing headphones, in a bikini, taking a picture of hersel

      • Push Up On Me - Rihanna
        Yet another remix for Rihanna (or Ms Fenty as we like to call her), Push Up On Me comes from her 2008 album Good Girl Gone Bad which deserves a remix of its own one day. Push Up On Me is missing one important thing in its original format, and that is something to push up. This either has to be an e

      • A Juicy Red Apple - Skin Up
        Another AllBum.Art remix inspired by a picture rather than a song. After all, what would you do with a picture of a cute babe holding a juicy red apple in her hand other than find a song with a suitable title and remix the cover! And here is A Juicy Red Apple by Skin Up, the original cover for whi

      • Caught Out There - Kelis
        Caught Out There by Kelis was one of Ms Rogers' first singles and the cover seems equally rough around the edges, even if the music wasn't. In the original we see Ms Rogers doing nothing in particular, with no indication of what or who was caught and where 'there' is or was. Th

      • Never Let Her Slip Away - Andrew Gold
        The title of Andrew Gold's 1978 single Never Let Her Slip Away has a double meaning (or at least it does to us). On the one hand, it could suggest that one should not let 'her' get away from you. On the other hand, it could mean that you should ensure that she always wears her '

      • Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) - Robert Palmer
        Doctor, doctor, gimme the news, I got a Bad Case Of Loving You is what Robert Palmer tells us in this classic rock track of 1979. The cover of the single indicates the medical connection with its picture of a stethoscope (yes, we spelled that correctly without a dictionary, boo-ya!) The remix focus

      • Touch Me - 49ers
        What have we here? A remix of an early house music track of the late 1980s. The original cover of Touch Me by 49ers reveals what we can only presume is the singer of the band, stretching out invitingly but with no indication of what, where or when we should commence the touching. The remix moves

      • Don't Marry Her - The Beautiful South
        When looking for a picture for the Bruno Mars song Marry You, we came across a lot of pretty brides that deserved a place on the cover of a single. And hence this remix of Don't Marry Her by The Beautiful South was conceived. The remix shows exactly the kind of girl you shouldn't marry -

      • Snooker Loopy - The Matchroom Mob With Chas & Dave
        It's always good to receive a user submitted 'fanmade' entry. This one by The Matchroom Mob With Chas & Dave comes from Steve Virgo of Liverpool, England who says:Snooker Loopy nuts are we is how the song goes, but who or what is nuts? On the remix I have put a sexy babe on the

      • Marry You - Bruno Mars
        Bringing it right back up-to-date (well almost), comes this remix of the Bruno Mars song Marry You. The original cover has the obligatory diamond rings but no sign of Mr Hernandez or any indication of who the 'you' is that he is crooning about. In the remix we see that the girl he is int

      • The Blitzkreig Bop - Ramones
        Hey ho, let's go, with a remix from NYC punk rockers the Ramones. The Blitzkreig Bop was their first single and the cover shows a lack of depth that comes with such immaturity. That said, we at AllBum.Art have our immature moments too and when we found pictures of a babe flashing her busty bo

      • Mellow Yellow - Donovan
        They call me Mellow Yellow, or at least that is what Donovan famously told us in this classic hit of the 1960s. And to give Mr Leitch his credit, the cover gives us a good idea of the lady, called Saffron, about who he is singing. All we have done is update the cover to show a modern-day Saffron a

      • Tied Up Too Tight - Hard-Fi
        You have to sigh a little when a band (in this case Hard-Fi) release a single called Tied Up Too Tight and on the cover have nothing other than a dirty van on it. What a missed opportunity for mayhem, an opportunity that we at AllBum.Art are not going to turn down. Open up the doors to that van an

      • International Rescue - Fuzzbox
        A song about the Thunderbirds, that wasn't in any way connected with the original series or the later movie might seem an odd theme for a song. International Rescue by Fuzzbox is such a song and the cover scores very highly in that it features a member of the band in an outfit that would befit

      • Hey, Good Lookin' - Hank Williams
        Hey, Good Lookin' may be a single released by Hank Williams in 1951 but can still be heard on many a mid-west radio station and in karaoke bars across the nation to this day. This is because the title produces images of a good lookin' woman, and such images are timeless. Sadly the origin

      • The Phantom Of The Opera - Various Artists
        We had an email from Timothy Blenkinsop-Smithe of Olde England who said:Your web-site is replete with alternative artwork for very low-brow songs that should be in the gutter. You need to add some high-brow content to your site through classical music and opera.
        Timothy sent us this remix for

      • Bikini Girls With Machine Guns - The Cramps
        When we said that yesterday's remix of the Gym Class Heroes song Clothes Off had cover art that was gagging for a remix, we hadn't spotted the song Bikini Girls With Machine Guns by The Cramps. This song goes on the 'needs a remix' list too. That said, the original cover does v

      • Bathtime - Tindersticks
        An obscure song by an obscure band, the remix of Bathtime by Tindersticks was sent in by Ian Fleetwood of Nottingham, England. There's nothing wrong with remixing the cover artwork for obscure songs, especially if the title lends itself to it. In the original cover we see what exactly? In th

      • Clothes Off - Gym Class Heroes
        If ever there was a song whose title screamed for a remix of the cover it is Clothes Off!!! by Gym Class Heroes. The original cover shows the band eating popcorn (and in one case eating the box that the popcorn is in). What this has to do with the song's title is not explained. What is expla

      • Messing About On The River - Josh Macrae
        An entry from the semi-eponymous Josh Macintosh of Scotland. Messing About On The River apparently tells the tale of heady summer days spent down by the banks of a river. The original cover of the Josh Macrae single shows a tranquil scene of 'punting' (apparently) but Josh reckons that t

      • Perfect Day - Duran Duran
        Another submission from an apparently disgruntled Duran Duran fan (who wishes to remain anonymous) who was disgusted by the week of remixed covers that appeared previously on AllBum.Art. This one is, apparently, much classier. The original cover of Perfect Day shows an ice-cream sundae. The remix

      • Cool - Gwen Stefani
        What do we learn from the original cover of Cool by Gwen Stefani? Very little. The picture of Ms Stefani is taken from the video for the song. And the title of the song is Cool. And it is in stereo with some kind of fidelity, whatever that means in an age of digitally delivered audio clarity. Th

      • Can You Feel It - The Jacksons
        You may have noticed a theme over the past few days here at AllBum.Art - the theme being 'songs with the word Feel in the title'. Today's remix comes from The Jacksons and is the 1970s classic Can You Feel It. On the original cover we see The Jacksons but they look bored, and what i

      • Feel So Good - Mase
        Following yesterday's track entitled 'Feel So Real', today's remix comes from rapper Mase (or should that be Ma$e) and is called Feel So Good. The theme of the remix is similar but in this case instead of feeling real but being false, it appears that what is being felt is probab

      • Feel So Real - Steve Arrington
        Hmm... Now what is it that Steve Arrington could be singing about in his song Feel So Real? It cannot possibly be something that is actually real, because if it was, there would not be a need to declare that it feels real. By deduction, therefore, it must be something (or somethings) that is (are)

      • Fire Burning (The Dancefloor) - Sean Kingston
        The original cover for Fire Burning (The Dancefloor) by Sean Kingston shows the silhouetted figures of several people boogying on down against a backdrop of a mirror ball and flames licking around their feet. Of course the big question here is what do those people in the silhouettes look like? The

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