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      • All I Need Is A Miracle - Mike And The Mechanics
        We are struggling to understand why Mike And The Mechanics would think that All I Need Is A Miracle based on the artwork on the original front cover of their single, which simply shows a gas station mechanic dozing while sitting on a couple of tires and with an opened yet full bottle of Coke next to

      • Hotshot - Shaggy
        Shaggy has decided that on the original front cover artwork for his album Hotshot, the best thing to show would be his own face in slightly warm colors such as yellow, orange and red. On the remix we find a babe who is shooting heat from, it would appear, a flame-thrower. We think that this qualifi

      • Shake A Tailfeather - Ray Charles
        Shake A Tailfeather is the name of this song by Ray Charles (though it is often mistakenly called Shake Your Tail Feather). On the original cover we find Mr Charles looking very cheerful and the reason why is revealed on the remix, where we find a happy looking hottie shaking a tail-feather in fron

      • The Boat That I Row - Lulu
        Lulu sings about The Boat That I Row. There isn't, though, much evidence of what kind of boat this is on the original single front cover artwork, though we do find Ms Lawrie looking somewhat forlorn into the distance - maybe that is where her boat is. On the remix we find a babe who is standi

      • Offshore - Chicane
        What happens Offshore? According to the original single front cover artwork from Chicane, some aircraft chem-trails, or are they pieces of string holding up some cloth triangles? Not at all clear. On the remix, what happens offshore is that some shapely babe lounges around in a bikini off the sid

      • Apparently Nothin' - Young Disciples
        Apparently Nothin' seems to be precisely the amount of effort that went in to the original front cover artwork for this single from The Young Disciples, though to give them an ounce of credit, they did make the word 'disc' in a different color. On the remix we find a busty babe who i

      • The Bottle - Paul Weller
        There are so many routes we could have taken when remixing the single front cover artwork for The Bottle by Paul Weller. Although there is a bottle pictured on the original cover, it's rather subtly hidden among some jumbled up letters. On the remix there is also a subtly placed bottle, thoug

      • Sucker - Charli XCX
        Charli XCX (which isn't a proper Roman numeral in case you were wondering) indicates that somewhere there should be a Sucker. On the orignal album front cover artwork we find a lollipop, so you can see how that might relate to the title. Now there is, of course, an obvious remix for this but

      • Dance With The Devil - Cozy Powell
        Dance With The Devil, is what Cozy Powell tells us that we should be doing. On the original single front cover artwork, Mr Powell helps us visualize this by smoking a cigarette in black and white. On the remix we find a devil who is dancing, tempting us to join in. Beware though, because it's

      • Sit And Wait - Sydney Youngblood
        Sydney Youngblood is asking us to Sit And Wait. In order to help us to understand why, the original single front cover artwork shows Mr Youngblood in what we can only assume to be his most pleading pose. On the remix, we find a babe who has followed his instructions and who is sitting and waiting

      • Red Sun Rising - Lost Witness
        Today is traditionally the spring solstice, meaning it is the first day of spring, so we thought something springlike would be appropriate. Our remix of the day is for Red Sun Rising by Lost Witness. On the original single front cover artwork there is a red sun rising, so full marks for that. On

      • Up Against The Wall - Tom Robinson Band
        The Tom Robinson Band (or TRB for short) are Up Against The Wall. From the original single front cover artwork we can surmise that this means they are standing in their school uniforms in front of a graffiti covered brick wall, so lots of detail there to help us visualize the song for once. On the

      • Baby Get Higher - David Sneddon
        David Sneddon is requesting that his Baby Get Higher. On the original single cover artwork, we see Mr Sneddon but there is no sign of his baby, and it is immensely unclear what kind of higher he wants her to get: pharmaceutically, physically, spiritually. On the remix we find a babe who is in a go

      • If Everybody Looked The Same - Groove Armada
        Groove Armada raise the notion of what the world might be like If Everybody Looked The Same. However, they reflect this ponderance by showing the tracks of some vehicles across a muddy area on the original single front cover artwork. To help understand what the situation might be more like, the re

      • Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly
        'Tis St Patrick's day once again so here is an Irish flavored remix. The original single (and album) cover artwork for Drunken Lullabies from Flogging Molly seems to show an old guy walking down a narrow alleyway. On the remix we find a babe who may or may not be called Molly, but who se

      • Cover Up - UB40
        Some bands provide far more opportunities for remixing their single or album cover artwork than others, either as they are prolific, or that the titles of their songs lend themselves to a good remixing. Being one such band, this is the 8th remix of a song by UB40 on the AllBum.Art web-site. It is

      • You're A Superstar - Love Inc
        Another triple-play from the team at AllBum.Art. The original single front cover artwork for You're A Superstar by Love Inc does, as it happens, contain a number of stars but other than that doesn't help identify why we, or anyone should consider themselves super. On the first remix we f

      • You Keep Me Hangin' On - The Supremes
        Today's triple-play comes from The Supremes and their single You Keep Me Hangin' On. On the original single cover artwork, we find the three band members pouting at us but no evidence of any hangin' goin' on. On the first remix we find a babe who is adept at dancing on a pole a

      • Bad - Michael Jackson
        Michael Jackson proclaims himself to be Bad, which is at odds with the views here in the AllBum.Art office, as most of us generally agree that the so-called king of pop was, in reality, quite good. Maybe Mr Jackson is referring to the rather odd jacket he is wearing which has far too many buckles o

      • (Waiting For) The Ghost Train - Madness
        Madness are (Waiting For) The Ghost Train. The odd thing, then, about the original single front cover artwork is that the train that is on the platform in front of them appears, to all intents and purposes, to be solid and not made of ectoplasm. On the remix we find a solitary babe who is walking a

      • Too Much - Spice Girls
        There are those who say that there is no such thing as Too Much, but the Spice Girls are not among them. On the original single front cover artwork, though, the girls give us no indication of what they consider to be to much. On the remix we find one possible answer to this in the form of a babe w

      • West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys
        West End Girls is a classic song by the Pet Shop Boys, but until we received this user-submitted remix by Simon Andrews of London, we didn't know what it meant. Apparently, the West End, is part of London in England where all the rich chicks hang out. On the remix Simon has provided us, we se

      • Shock To The System - Billy Idol
        Another remix for rock rebel Billy Idol. On the original single front cover artwork for Shock To The System, it seems that Mr Idol has been captured by the Borg, and turned into some kind of cyborg. That must have been a shock to his system. On the remix we find a babe who is wrapped in electric

      • Hold Me In Your Arms - Rick Astley
        Hold Me In Your Arms was both an album and a single for Rick Astley. On the original cover artwork, we can't even see Mr Astley's arms, just his head and collarbones. On the remix we find a babe who is being held in the arms of what is presumably her boyfriend or husband. He seems to be

      • Good Times - Chic
        Nothing beats a bit of Chic when it comes to Good Times, but based on the original single front cover artwork, you wouldn't think that the band were actually having much of a good time, as they stand around looking rather unhappy. On the remix we find a bunch of babes who are definitely having

      • Me And Mrs Jones - Billy Paul
        Me And Mrs (Mrs) Jones, is who Billy Paul sings about. On the original single front cover artwork, we can see Mr Paul, but not Mrs Jones. On the remix we find out more about Mrs Jones, as she appears to be a buxom older lady who is not shy about showing off her assets. We can see why Mr Paul and t

      • Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits
        What exactly are Sultans Of Swing, and can Dire Straits help us to answer this question? On the original single cover artwork, we find Mr Knopfler with his guitar (at least we believe that is what is shown). Does the glowing headband represent the fact that he is a sultan? Probably not. On the re

      • The Wanderer - Status Quo
        Status Quo are one of the most remixed artists here at AllBum.Art. They seem to have a big fan base among our British visitors who send us lots of cover artwork they have worked on. This one comes from Mark Hudson who tells us that the original cover for The Wanderer, though it shows a guitar case

      • The Chinese Way - Level 42
        Having taken lessons in love from Level 42, let us allow them to instruct us on what The Chinese Way is. On the original single cover artwork, our learning is that the Chinese way is to look vaguely afro-american but wear a red hat and carry a fan with some Chinese characters on it. On the remix,

      • Busting At The Seams - Strawbs
        Bursting At The Seams, that is what Strawbs sing about. Whilst they are singing they had their picture taken and put on the original front cover artwork of their album. But which seams are bursting? We think the remix answers this question, as we find a babe whose ample bosom is proving a little

      • Walk Away - Joyce Sims
        Joyce Sims is telling us to Walk Away. But other than a photo of Ms Sims, there is next to nothing on the original single front cover artwork that indicates what we should walk away from, or why. On the remix these problems are fixed. What we should walk away from is a mature granny who is flaunt

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