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      • Dancing In The Street - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
        Dancing In The Street. What could have been more outrageous in the 1960s than the suggestion from Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, that dancing anywhere other than in a dance hall was acceptable. Of course today anything can happen in the street, including dancing - but dancing with no clothes o

      • Walk On The Wild Side - Lou Reed
        And all the colored girls go, 'doop-de-doop-de-doop'... Why they do this is not certain and even listening to the whole of this early 1970s song by Lou Reed adds very little certainty to that aspect. What it does add is some color around what a Walk On The Wild Side actually means. The r

      • Three Little Birds - Bob Marley And The Wailers
        Bob Marley was famously quoted as saying, 'no woman, no crime'. In this song, Three Little Birds, he sings about how the arrival of three birds on his doorstep cheers him up. But the original cover has no woman. According to the urban dictionary, the term 'Bird' refers to a yo

      • Cover Me - Bruce Springsteen
        An early hit for none other than Mr Bruce Springsteen, Cover Me was a hit before he became the rock legend that he is today. The earliness of the song is very much reflected in the cover of the single. This poor effort shows Mr Springsteen sitting on a car, which although it could be argued is in

      • On Bended Knee - Boyz II Men
        Did they ever make it? Boyz II Men that is? Did they ever grow up enough to stop being called boyz and instead become men? If the cover of their 1994 single On Bended Knee is anything to go by, then who knows? More importantly, who cares? And so let's do away with the so-called boyz and fo

      • Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) - Ottawan
        Hands Up, baby hands up gimme your heart gimme gimme. That's how the chorus of this late charting disco track of 1981 by Ottawan goes. Oddly, despite their Canadian sounding name, the band are from France. Ooh la la! The cover shows the main singers a-boppin' to the tune. The remix sh

      • Run To You - Bryan Adams
        Run To You was one of Canadian groover Bryan Adams' first singles. The original cover sees a moody Mr Adams staring out of the page. But there is no evidence of any running taking place. The truth is revealed in the remix as we see that whilst Mr Adams stands still, a hot babe is running tow

      • Union Of The Snake - Duran Duran
        Following our featured artist week of Duran Duran remixes, this cover for the single Union Of The Snake was submitted by Kinki Westin (surely not a real name!) of England, who says:Your last Duran Duran remixes were rather vulgar and crude. Mine is classy, like the frame of a picture dabbed gregari

      • Purple Rain - Prince And The Revolution
        As we draw to the end of our week of featured artist remixes, we drift away into a haze of evening mist, gently lit by the waning lunar disc and moistened by the most appalling thunder storm. Yes, that's what we think of when we hear Purple Rain by Prince And The Revolution. So just to make s

      • Raspberry Beret - Prince And The Revolution
        We're almost at the end of our Prince featured artist week, and to ring in the weekend we give you a repeat prescription of hat related remixing. The original cover for Raspberry Beret shows a girl holding an apple wearing, guess what, a maroon colored hat. Both the remixes also have a girl we

      • Little Red Corvette - Prince
        We continue our Prince featured artist week with this rexmix of Little Red Corvette. On the original cover we see Mr Nelson with his usual over-quiffy hairdo wearing a magenta latex jacket, but there's no sign of any Corvette of any nature. On the remix we see the Corvette in question. Thoug

      • U Got The Look - Prince
        We continue our featured artist week with this remix of U Got The Look by our featured artist, Prince. In remixing this cover, we attempted to try and define what 'the look' is, so that the remix can ensure that 'the look' is still got. It seems that 'the look' is to

      • Let's Go Crazy - Prince And The Revolution
        Another remix for this week's featured artist Prince, this time with The Revolution. Let's Go Crazy is a fun song that's great for getting you in the mood for a party. But in the original version we see a relatively sombre Mr Nelson on his motorcycle. Nothing particularly crazy is g

      • Kiss - Prince And The Revolution
        The second of this week's featured artist remixes comes from Prince And The Revolution. The original cover of (ne-me-ne-me-ne-me-ne-me-ne) Kiss has a black and white Mr Nelson posing in a kind of male Bolero top looking about as masculine as Homer Simpson in a tutu. The remix shows a sexy bab

      • Prince And The New Power Generation - Cream
        The start of another of AllBum.Art's featured artist week begins with this remix of Cream by Prince And The New Power Generation. Unquestionably one of the most obvious remixes that has ever been attempted. Instead of a photo of Mr Nelson standing in a highly sexualized position over a babe l

      • Feelin' Inside - Bobby Brown
        Joyce Delmartin of Atlanta, GA claims to be 'a long time listener, first time caller' to AllBum.Art and has sent us his remix for Bobby Brown's 1997 single Feelin' Inside. The original cover shows a downbeat Mr Brown lolling around. The remix shows a babe in a pair of jeans who

      • Three Of A Perfect Pair - King Crimson
        There is an obvious remix for any cover artwork for an album called Three Of A Perfect Pair, focusing, as would be expected, on the perfect pair analogy. But for this remix of the 1980s album by King Crimson, we have chosen a less beaten path and simply replaced the odd symbol with three babes, all

      • Mirror Mirror - Dollar
        Mirror Mirror might be a line from the the De La Soul song Me, Myself and I, but this remix is for the obscure but equally reflective song by Dollar. The original cover scores very well in that it not only features the band themselves, but they are reflected in a mirror. The remix does away with t

      • Blue Moon - The Marcels
        Blue Moon by The Marcels was a 1961 single for doo-woppers, The Marcels. It has been covered many times but no times as handsomely as in the remix of the single provided for you. On the original cover we see the band. How exciting. On the remix we see a group of sexy girl who have been entranced

      • Perfect - Fairground Attraction
        Perfection is a difficult thing to achieve. Especially given that old saying, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. In this case, the remix of Perfect by Fairground Attraction comes as close as we think is possible to perfection. Why? Well look at the remix. A beautiful babe in a stu

      • Titties and Beer - Frank Zappa
        What song more deserves a decent cover than Frank Zappa's 1970s classic Titties and Beer. It hardly needs us to tell you what should be on the cover of this song, now does it. We won't even bother to describe the remix as it speaks for itself. All that we will say is that this is defini

      • Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men
        A song sung by rowdy revelers at many a party, Who Let The Dogs Out by the Baha Men is a staple of sad sorority and fraternity discos the nation over. The original artwork shows the men from the Bahamas that gave the band its name. The remix shows a naked babe hugging a big dog. Presumably he has

      • Timber - Pitbull Featuring Ke$ha
        'I'ts going down, I'm yelling Timber' might lead you to believe that this song is a remix of Monty Python's infamous Lumberjack song. But it isn't. Pitbull Featuring Ke$ha bring us this line-dancing inspired ditty that's brought up to date by babes dancing in tig

      • You Give Me Something - James Morrison
        The original cover of British crooner James Morrison's single You Give Me Something speaks no volumes at all. Although Mr Morrison is present, there is no indication of who is giving him something, and what the thing is that is being given. In the remix this issue has been solved. The person

      • Black Widow - Lalo Schifrin
        According to Wikipedia, Black Widow could mean many things, but the one we are interested in here is the 1970s album by Argentinian Lalo Schifrin. The cover remix here though refers exactly to that self same album. On the original cover we see a widow, in black, silhouetted against a shiny red back

      • I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2
        I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For was a hit in 1987 for U2. Now although there is every chance that the guy on the front of the original cover has not found what it was that he was looking for, there is little to suggest that he has even bothered to take a look. On the remixed co

      • Touch The Sky - 29 Palms
        A user submitted entry from Jert van Ricknick of Holland. Apparently Touch The Sky by 29 Palms was a big underground club hit in Holland. Jert takes up the story:De covver of de'riginal song has nice sea-sky color but no sign of many peepl's hands reach for de up-sky
        Or at least tha

      • Don't Stand So Close To Me - The Police
        Don't Stand So Close to me by The Police is a song about a teacher getting too close to a pupil and all of the cultural taboos that risk getting broken. Not for us any of that nonsense. Instead we figured that if there was someone of a police based background that you would not want to stand t

      • Oral Fixation (Volume 2) - Shakira
        Oh, dear. An album called Oral Fixation presents many options for remixing that would completely contravene the AllBum.Art submission guidelines! Having said that, Shakira points us in a direction that happily can involve a remix without guideline contravention. On the original cover we see Mr Ri

      • Relight My Fire - Dan Hartman
        When Dan Hartman brought us Relight My Fire, he at least tried a bit with the cover of his single, which has fire on it and shows Mr Hartman. Now whilst Mr Hartman might have lit the fire of many a 70s babe, his visage doesn't really cut it in the 21st century. And so we have replaced Mr Hart

      • Runaway - Bon Jovi
        There is a story here to Bon Jovi's single Runaway. In the original cover we see Mr Bongiovi standing on a darkened city street with very frizzy hair. Standing behind him is what must be the runaway mentioned in the song, who also has frizzy hair but seems to be wearing little more than high

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