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      • Raise Your Hands - Big Room Girl Featuring Darryl Pandy
        What would you expect to see on the original cover artwork of a single titled Raise Your Hands, by a band called Big Room Girl Featuring Darryl Pandy? That's a fair questions to ask. The answer is nothing, other than the title of the song, the name of the band, and the logo of the recording c

      • Come As You Are - Beverley Knight
        Today's instruction from Beverley Knight is to Come As You Are. This instruction is so important to her, that it is the title of both her album and single. On the original cover artwork we find Ms Knight dressed up ready to go and visit the President taking her own advice and not bothering to

      • Free Me - Cast
        Free Me, that is what Cast ask to be done. On the original single cover artwork, we find a butterfly in a cage, though if you look closely, it seems that the cage door is open, so there is no real need for the butterfly to be freed as it can just fly away. On the remix we find a babe who has been

      • My Special Angel - Malcolm Vaughan
        Nothing beats a good angel remix, and My Special Angel by Malcolm Vaughan is no exception. On the original single cover artwork we find Mr Vaughan looking casually over his shoulder at something but no sign of any angels. On the remix we find a special angel. We know she is special as her wings a

      • I Think Of You - The Merseybeats
        I Think Of You, at least that is what The Merseybeats sang. On the original front cover artwork of their single, we find the band members staring at something, but what can it be that they are thinking of? That much is not clear. On the remix we find a babe of their era who is on the telephone an

      • Bad Ass Strippa - Jentina
        Hello Jentina. And hello to your single Bad Ass Strippa. The thing is, and we don't want to sound ungrateful in anyway, but we kind of expected that on the original front cover artwork, given the name of your song, that we might expect to see an ass, but we give you seven out of ten for prete

      • Kenny - The Bump
        We expected a lot more from The Bump by Kenny when it comes to the original front cover artwork for the single. What we expected was at least some indication of what the bump is, instead of which we get an empty speech bubble and a hairy guy wearing a t-shirt with bump written on it. Maybe the rem

      • Luton Airport - Cats UK
        There aren't many songs about airports, but Luton Airport by Cats UK is one of them. The original single front cover artwork seems to show the band with their luggage, but are they at Luton Airport or some other airport? On the remix we find a babe who also has her luggage but is most certain

      • One Kiss From Heaven - Louise
        Aaah... One Kiss From Heaven. That is all you need in life. Though, if the original single front cover artwork by Louise is to be believed, the only thing that she is offering is a smouldering look. No kisses, and no heaven. How disappointing. On the remix we find an angel (a popular theme here

      • Hooverville (And They Promised Us The World) - The Christians
        Apparently the residents of Hooverville promised us the world, or so The Christians would make us believe. Now we are not sure what you would expect a town with a name like Hoovervill to look like, but according the original single front cover, it is a fairly dreary place with derelict buildings an

      • End Of The Line - Honeyz
        So the Honeyz claim to be at the End Of The Line, do they? On the original single cover artwork there is no indication of what kind of line it is, nor why they are at the end of it, as opposed to the start or somewhere in the middle. On the remix we find a babe who is sitting on what appears to be

      • Send Me The Pillow You Dream On - Johnny Tillotson
        On the original front cover artwork for Send Me The Pillow You Dream On, Johnny Tillotson is smiling and holding two pillows, one in each hand. So why does he want another pillow? On the remix, the answer may become a little clearer as we find a babe holding a pillow which, if she handed it over t

      • We Ride - Rihanna
        An unusual thing here, because here is a remix for Rihanna and her song We Ride. Unusual, because we have already remixed this cover back in July 2013 but we just felt it deserved a double dose (either that or we forgot we had already done it...) On the original front cover artwork of the single,

      • Am I On Your Mind - Oxygen Featuring Andrea Britton
        Today's question is being posed by Oxygen Featuring Andrea Britton, and the question is Am I On Your Mind? To help us decide whether or not they are on our mind, the original front cover artwork for the single shows a front and rear shot of Ms Britton on a city street at night time. On the re

      • Valentine - Delays
        It's 14 February which is traditionally known as Valentine's Day, so here's a remix of a song called Valentine by the Delays. On the original single cover artwork, we find that nothing says I love you as much as some black and white wires. Nothing. Well maybe not nothing. Maybe the

      • Wishing I Was Lucky - Wet Wet Wet
        According to Wet Wet Wet, when they were Wishing I Was Lucky, the first thing that sprung to their mind when putting together the original single front cover artwork was a dark city street, with pictures of the band members strewn on a dirty wall in a haphazard fashion. On the remixed artwork, we f

      • Bad Habit - ATFC Presents OnePhatDeeva Featuring Lisa Millet
        We are not sure what springs to your mind when a song has the title of Bad Habit, but for ATFC Presents OnePhatDeeva Featuring Lisa Millet, it is a bunch of babes dancing in the vicinity of a number of Dukes Of Hazzard era cars. Just some good old boys, never did any wrong. As opposed to the nun on

      • My Perfect Cousin - The Undertones
        If the original single front cover artwork is to be believed, My Perfect Cousin, according to The Undertones reaches perfection through playing Subbuteo soccer. Maybe that is what counts for perfection where they are from, but at AllBum.Art we seek a little more from our perfection. On the remix w

      • Dancing Girls - Nik Kershaw
        Bring on the Dancing Girls, sings Nik Kershaw. He may sing that, but on the original single front cover artwork we find nothing but Mr Kershaw. Maybe he is waiting for the dancing girls to arrive? On the remix we find that the girls have arrived and appear to have begun dancing around a gold color

      • Walking In The Rain - Modern Romance
        You may have noticed that the guys here at AllBum.Art have a number of favorite topics when it comes to remixing single and album artwork, in particular angels, and people caught in the rain. So they jumped at the chance to remix Walking In The Rain by Modern Romance (and not because it had an ange

      • In For The Kill - La Roux
        It is feasible, we suppose, that when La Roux put together the original single cover artwork for In For The Kill, they thought that some dry ice and an aging sports car would suffice to give the impression of menace. On the remix we find a babe who is far less subtle in her murderous intentions as

      • Eton Rifles - The Jam
        Another remix for British mod band, The Jam that has been submitted by Mr Confiture of England (not his real name we suspect) who has sent us his versions of Eton Rifles. Mr C tells us that:Eton is a posh place where toffs go to school, so if it has rifles they would be held by posh women drinking

      • Good Enough - Dodgy
        What is Good Enough for Dodgy? According to their original single cover artwork, a sunflower is good enough for them. Fair enough. On the remix we find a babe who appears to have made an attempt to trim her bush and is showing it to someone in a way that begs the question, is it good enough. The

      • Size Isn't Everything - Bee Gees
        We are not quite sure what the Bee Gees were thinking with their original cover artwork, unless they were thinking that showing a fish-eye distorted picture of the band members standing around by a palm tree in front of a white building somehow reflected the title of the album. On the remix we find

      • The Morning After - 8 Wonders
        It seems that a lot of dance music (EDM) acts including 8 Wonders who, for their original single cover artwork, came up with nothing more inventive than showing the title of the song, the name of the band, and the logo of the record company. On the remix, we find a babe who has clearly had a bit of

      • She's Kinda Hot - 5 Seconds Of Summer
        While we're remixing single artwork from 5 Seconds Of Summer, here's another one for She's Kinda Hot. On the original cover, the only 'she' that is visible is a cheerleading fox with crossed out eyes. All very confusing. On the remix is an older babe who normally wouldn&#

      • She Looks So Perfect - 5 Seconds Of Summer
        According to 5 Seconds Of Summer, She Looks So Perfect, but we can't see on the single cover artwork, who she is, and why they would think she looks so ideal. On the remix, the missing part of the original picture has been added in and we find that she looks almost perfect, bending over the sp

      • Use Your Imagination - Mud
        Another triple-play to start the month here at AllBum.Art. We kind of like the original album cover artwork for Use Your Imagination by Mud, as that is clearly the instructions that they gave to their designer. On the first remix, we are to us our imagination to guess what happens next. On the se

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