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      • Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus
        Does anyone ever read any of the trash that is written to go alongside these pieces of cover art? No? Thought so! The format is therefore gonna change to just show the original artwork alongside the remix with a few (a very few) words. Here's Wheatus 2000 single Teenage Dirtbag remixed so t

      • Whisper A Prayer - Mica Paris
        Never heard of Mica Paris, or the album Whisper A Prayer? That's probably because you're not English. One of our submitters from England sent this. Apparently Ms Paris is some kind of fashion guru babe on TV who used to be a singer. Apparently we have to say, "Does my bum look big

      • Kinky Boots - Patrick MacNee And Honor Blackman
        This (and tomorrow's remixed album art) were submitted by Harold Binthwaite of England. Apparently, this was a 1960s song by two stars of the Avengers (the British version of Charlie's Angels), Patrick MacNee (Charlie) and Honor Blackman (insert random name of an angel here). Kinky Boots

      • There It Is - Shalamar
        There It Is, opine Shalamar. But what is it, that it is, that is there? Is it the members of the band? The remix gives a different answer to what was lost and has now been found. There it is, says the girl on the left. Of course, says the girl on the right, I knew it was there all the time, I ha

      • Cha Cha Cha - Pedro Garcia And His Del Prado Orchestra
        An old album from the 1950s but deserving of a remix. The original artwork for Cha Cha Cha by Pedro Garcia And His Del Prado Orchestra features a babe bending over wearing high heels and fishnet stockings. The remix does one thing, and one thing only. It changes the perspective of the viewer on the

      • Cheekah Bow Wow (That Computer Song) - Vengaboys
        Those crazy Dutchmen (and women) the Vengaboys grace the pages of AllBum.Art with their song Cheekah Bow Wow (That Computer Song). The original cover shows what we can only assume to be the aforementioned Cheekah being some kind of robotic vacuum cleaner of some kind or other. The remix shows a ba

      • Back To The Shit - Millie Jackson
        To be completely fair to Millie Jackson, we would score the cover of her album Back To The Shit full marks. On it we see Ms Jackson sitting astride the john, heels in hand, getting back to her defecating. So in that respect, we see the artist who is depicting the title, and hence the top score. Th

      • The Banner Man - Blue Mink
        Er? What on this Earth or another does the original cover of The Banner Man by Blue Mink have to do with the title of the song, or the band? As far as we can see, nothing at all. However, they gain one bonus point for having what appears to be a naked babe in a hat on the cover. The remix changes

      • Upside Down - Jack Johnson
        Being Upside Down is a good theme for a remix and the original cover of Jack Johnson's song of that name is an even better theme for a remix as it is so uniquely awful. It's not just the odd yellow background, but the rather cheesy picture of Mr Johnson playing his guitar in bare feet. O

      • Happenin' All Over Again - Lonnie Gordon
        What can we say about the cover of the Lonnie Gordon disco dance classic Happenin' All Over Again? Well, it's red. And it features Ms Gordon bending down with her legs apart. Now that's dangerous territory for a remix and indeed the remix pushes many of the boundaries that we, here

      • Hunting For Witches - Bloc Party
        Most people think that Hunting For Witches is only something that can be undertaken in October, around the time of Halloween, but that's just not true. Witches can be found at any time of year and are in fact easier to spot on sunny days rather than dark, dreary nights. Bloc Party therefore ha

      • Mr Saxobeat - Alexandra Stan
        Until Alexandra Stan came on the scene, few people had even heard of Romania, believing it to be one of the old former Soviet states that had now been subsumed back into it's old master. But no. It seems that Romania is nothing like that. Instead it's a land where sexy girls (lots of th

      • Relax - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
        With lyrics that include the words...Relax, don't do it
        When you want to suck it to it
        Relax, don't do it
        When you want to cum.
        ..expectations for the cover sleeve of the single would naturally be high. And it doesn't disappoint. Some may argue that the 1985 cover

      • Hot N Cold - Katy Perry
        Of course! How could anyone be so stupid! Except us perhaps. What the fuck has a picture of Katy Perry talking to a piece of fruit got to do with Hot N Cold? And by piece of fruit, it's not just the banana that's pictured in this version of the cover. Oh, no! There's other version

      • Are You Ready For Love - Patsy Gallant
        Here's something of an anomaly, a singer from Canada that isn't either Mr Adams or Mr Buble. In fact it's not a Mr at all, but the shapely 70s figure of Patsy Gallant. The cover of her single (and album) Are You Ready For Love is even more unusual for a Canadian piece of artwork as

      • Bullet With Butterfly Wings - The Smashing Pumpkins
        What a relief to return to the land of the free to do some work on this 1995 single from The Smashing Pumpkins. Bullet With Butterfly Wings was widely acclaimed for its musicianship. But what about that cover? Where to begin? Where, for one, is any connection to the band itself? Second, there

      • Angels - Robbie Williams
        No. Sorry. Don't understand a word of it. The e-mail that arrived with this remixed cover comes from, apparently, someone calling themself Tabbo of Manchester in England. Tabbo says he knows about this site and then says:Youze aarn't fekk'n doddlin' it reet.
        Aarn't it

      • Angel Of Harlem - U2
        Ah, 1988, what a year. It was the year that came before 1989 and the year that came after 1987. And even more interestingly, it was the year that U2 released the single Angel Of Harlem. What many people do not recognize is that if you take all of the letters in Angel Of Harlem, and add them toge

      • (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!) - Beastie Boys
        Kick It! No, that is not a reference to the bucket which Beastie Boy Adam Yauch sadly kicked in 2012, but is the now infamous opening line from the Beastie Boys classic 1986 single (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!) The very 1980s cover (in the sense that it's a very over everything,

      • I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry
        What a can of worms is opened up by Katy Perry in her 2008 song I Kissed A Girl. Not since the blatant lesbianism in the video for All The Things She Said by Russian teen group t.A.T.u. has the subject of girl on girl love made it to the Hot 100. Ms Perry's take on the issue is simply that th

      • Venus - The Shocking Blue
        Very little dating back to the 1960s retains any feel of modernness in today's fast changing society. That being the case, it is refreshing to find a female lead singer whose attire and style still looks as funky and sexy as it did nearly 50 years ago. The lead singer of Shocking Blue who are

      • I'm So Excited - Pointer Sisters
        I'm So Excited is the 1982 single from thePointer Sisters. Although it dates to 1982, it's style has a lot in common with the 1970s disco sounds, the covers of which have formed a bit of a theme over the past few days here at AllBum.Art. But Oh, what a dull, dull, dull (did someone say d

      • AWB - Average White Band
        Another of those funky disco bands from the 1970s, the Average White Band really hit the pits when all they could come up with for the name of an album was AWB. And the cover of the album is even less inventive. It just comprises the name of the band, together with their logo. One thing of merit,

      • Yes Sir, I Can Boogie - Baccara
        Those halcyon disco days of the 1970s provide an almost inexhaustible supply of single covers that verge on the sexy but don't quite make it. This cover from Baccara's 1976 single Yes Sir, I Can Boogie shows the two singers from the band standing next to each other. In true doesn't-

      • Erotica - Madonna
        Another cover taken from the time when Ms Ciccone was publicly into getting naughty. This is the cover from Madonna's 1992 album Erotica which was published alongside a book called Sex. The book contained many photos of Ms Ciccone in many states of dress and undress. The album cover on the o

      • Chapel Of Love - The Dixie Cups
        We're goin' to the chapel and we're, gonna get ma-a-a-ried. Is that so? Well in 1964 that's what The Dixie Cups were singing in their song Chapel Of Love. Here at AllBum.Art it's true to say that there have been quite a few songs about weddings that have featured as cover a

      • My Boy Lollipop - Millie
        One of those 1960s songs that seems to have stood the test of time, My Boy Lollipop sees the sickly sweet voice of Millie singing lots of lyrics that revolve around glucose based confectionary. The cover of the single, on the other hand, does not offer us any insight into this world of candy-coated

      • Love Is A Battlefield - Pat Benetar
        An American classic from Pat Benetar, Love Is A Battlefield is one of those songs that's timeless. Or at least if you use airplay to define what's timeless, then this is on the list as it's still played on the radio like there's no tomorrow. Anyhow, the cover of the single show

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