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      • So Pure - Baby D
        So Pure. Like snow? Like fragrance-free soap? Like distilled water? No. According to the original single cover artwork, Baby D tells us that what is pure, is a lightning storm. Maybe it is pure, but it is also messy and dangerous. On the remix we find a babe who is, in some ways very pure and in

      • Watermelon Man - Rafael Nunez
        Rafael Nunez has got it half right. On the original cover artwork for his album Watermelon Man, he shows a watermelon, but the person holding it is not a man, but is instead female (at least that is what she appears to be - looks can be deceptive!) On the remix nothing much has changed except that

      • The Widow - The Mars Volta
        The Mars Volta, the name alone conjures up images of deepest darkest Africa mixed with the fearsome red planet. The Widow conjures up pictures of a lady mourning for her dead husband. The original single cover artwork shows a woman climbing down a tree. The remix brings the picture into slightly

      • If You Were A Sailboat - Katie Melua
        What Katie Melua seems to be telling us on the original cover artwork of her single If You Were A Sailboat is that it is rather misty down at the docks where she is awaiting the arrival of the incoming ships. On the remix we find a different babe awaiting the arrival of incoming ships down in the b

      • Love Is Like A Violin - Ken Dodd
        Ken Dodd attempts to tell us that Love Is Like A Violin by, if the original single cover artwork is to be believed, looking a bit gormless and using his fingers as a mock dicky-bow. The remix tells a different story of a babe playing a violin. A babe who has clearly had some love, probably around 6

      • Ride A Wild Horse - Dee Clark
        Ride A Wild Horse. Not a great idea if you are lacking cowboy training. But Dee Clark advises us to do it. On the original single cover artwork we find a wild horse attempting to be tamed by a lame tamer in a silly hat. On the remix we find a babe who has decided to look like a horse by wearing

      • Let's Clean Up The Ghetto - Philadelphia International All Stars
        Brushes and mops out, Let's Clean Up The Ghetto. Or at least that is what the Philadelphia International All Stars wanted us to do in 1977. The original cover artwork has no cleaning equipment visible. The remix helps as we find a ghetto babe doing some cleaning. Why she is doing this in wed

      • The Bends - Radiohead
        Another remix for Radiohead, anyone would have thought that we had planned that! Today it is the turn of their 1995 album The Bends. The original cover artwork for the album is another of their epic fails. Its only saving grace is that it might have been bendy if you took the album out of the slee

      • Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
        The original cover artwork for Radiohead's single Fake Plastic Trees is awful. It has no trees of any kind on it, whether real or fake. The remix on the other hand has got some trees on it, but, I hear you say, those are not fake trees. No, they are not. The fake plastic is in the hands of th

      • Parking Lot - Nelly Furtado
        Nelly Furtado's idea of a Parking Lot appears, if the cover artwork of her single is to be believed, to be an empty parking lot, with a tree growing in it. Our idea of a parking lot involves having a naked babe (well other than for her heels) waiting patiently against the wall of an underground

      • Bend It - Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich
        Bend It? That is what Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich tell us to do whilst sitting in a Jeep on the original front cover artwork of their single. All very confusing unless the chassis is bent, or maybe an axle? The remix sorts out this confusion with a babe who can, not to put too fine a point

      • May I Have The Next Dream With You - Malcolm Roberts
        When Malcolm Roberts sang May I Have The Next Dream With You, we think he was being a little too polite. The cover of his single at least suggests that he is asking in a nice way. The question remains who is he asking this question to. On the remix we find a babe who is sitting dreaming. Never mi

      • All Wrapped Up In Cash - Johnny Cash Played By Nashville Fiddles
        All Wrapped Up In Cash was an album by the Nashville Fiddles in which they played some Johnny Cash numbers. On the original cover they take the correct approach of picturing a babe who is wrapped up in cash but not much else. On the remix the same approach has been taken, the only slight differenc

      • Armed And Extremely Dangerous - First Choice
        First Choice claim to be Armed And Extremely Dangerous, but on the cover artwork of their single, they don't appear to be armed, and certainly don't look very dangerous, unless platform shoes have hidden weapons in them. On the remix we find four babes who are clearly armed, and they look

      • Does Your Mother Know - ABBA
        Another remix for those Swedish swingers, ABBA. On the original cover of Does Your Mother Know we find the four members of the band and, for some reason, the guy on the left is holding a light-sabre. On the remix we find some young guys in a park undressing a hapless babe. The question is, whose

      • The Winner Takes It All - ABBA
        Having finished our week-long Ohio Players special, we return to another band who have so many remixes on AllBum.It that they could have had a week of their own: ABBA! On the original cover of The Winner Takes It All we find the four band members in flowery shirts. Maybe that was a winning look in

      • Pleasure/Pain - Ohio Players
        A bit of a special end to the Ohio Players special remix week, with two remixes on the same day. The first is for their album Pleasure. On the original cover is a babe with her hands in the air. She doesn't look that happy, but then pleasure is a personal thing and maybe having her hands in

      • Fire - Ohio Players
        Our week-long Ohio Players special is almost at a climax, as today we remix the cover artwork for their album Fire. On the original cover we find a babe who is trying to extinguish a fire with a water hose. On the remix we find a babe who is doing exactly the opposite and is holding a flame thrower

      • Honey - Ohio Players
        We have to say, that in producing this week-long Ohio Players special, it is clear that whoever it was that originally designed their album covers had similar ideas to the team at AllBum.Art, which is to say that they liked their hot babes. Here we find a babe drizzling Honey into her mouth. On th

      • Jass-Ay-Lay-Dee - Ohio Players
        Another in our week-long Ohio Players special. It is clear that the Jass-Ay-Lay-Dee that they have named their album after is fond of dressing provocatively in expensive cars. The remix stays with this ethos, just with a few fewer (can you have a few fewer?) things that may be constituted as clothe

      • Angel - Ohio Players
        Regular visitors to the AllBum.Art web-site will recognize the fact that we do like a good Angel to remix. So in our continuing week-long Ohio Players special, it seems fitting to remix this heavenly album cover. On the original cover we find a babe who could be described as angelic, but is missing

      • Gold - Ohio Players
        Continuing our week-long Ohio Players special, we find ourselves with their 'Best Of' album, otherwise known as Gold. On the original album cover artwork we find a babe holding a gold disc. On the remix we find that there had been a second babe in the picture who had been erased and she i

      • Graduation - Ohio Players
        A new year, a new month - what comes next? A new week, that's what. And this week we have one of our week-long specials which will be remixing the cover artwork of the Ohio Players. Our first remix is for Graduation. On the original album cover we find a babe wearing an outfit that suggests

      • Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend) - Mel And Kim
        A user submitted entry from the self proclaimed 'Q of Q Green' from London (we have no idea what that means but perhaps any of our English readers could help translate). Q takes up the story:Mel and Kim had a few hits, but were never respectable. The Mel (of Mel and Kim) was a topless an

      • I Fought The Law - The Clash
        Another remix for rock rebels The Clash, this time it is their hit I Fought The Law. On the original cover we find the band members looking forlorn. Maybe they have fought the law, but the law won. Oh, hang on, that's what they claim. Anyway, on the remixed single cover artwork we find a babe

      • Ghostdancing - Simple Minds
        We were not sure whether Ghostdancing by Simple Minds should also be in our list of halloween hits but we've added it there anyway. The odd thing is that on the original single cover artwork there are no ghosts, and no dancing going on. On the remix, both these flaws are corrected and we can

      • Wide Eyed And Legless - Andy Fairweather-Low
        What do you understand by the phrase 'Wide Eyed And Legless'? Well according to Andy Fairweather-Low, it means looking like you have had a bad night out drinking on the set of the A-Team and could do with a few more hours sleep. On the remix we find a babe on the way to getting legless.

      • She Wears My Ring - Solomon King
        Solomon King says She Wears My Ring, but who is 'she' and what 'ring' is he talking about because the original cover artwork tells us nothing about these things. The remix just adds the 'she' and the 'ring' to solve these things. She is a busty mature lady w

      • (Seven Little Girls) Sitting In The Back Seat - The Avons
        (Seven Little Girls) Sitting On The Back Seat is what The Avons tell us is happening and to give them credit, the cover artwork for their single does show the scenario, though the girls themselves are not clearly defined. Also, how exactly seven girls can sit in the back seat of a car is also confu

      • Year Of Decision - The Three Degrees
        As the year screeches to a start, it's time to make a decision, or so Year Of Decision by The Three Degrees would have it. On the original cover, the choice for the year is between the three degrees themselves. On the remix the choice is still between three babes, but they have helpfully lift

      • Pretty Good Year - Tori Amos
        Will this year be a Pretty Good Year? According to Tori Amos, it could be. How has this been illustrated on the front cover of her single, well with nothing greater than a picture of Ms Amos looking pretty. On the remix we find a New Year's party in full swing with a lot more pretty to choos

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