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      • Summer (The First Time) - Bobby Goldsboro
        Amazing! It seems that even in the 1970s, people were using picture editors to rework photos. The cover of Summer (The First Time) by Bobby Goldsboro shows Mr Goldsboro standing alone on an empty beach. But the truth is shown in the second picture. Standing behind him is a sexy babe flashing her

      • Telephone - Lady Gaga Featuring Beyoncé
        Telephone by Lady Gaga Featuring Beyoncé is one of those annoying songs that's about being annoyed by a noisy telephone when you are trying to enjoy yourself. Odd that Ms Germanotta should be so perturbed by her phone when she lost it in her hit Just Dance. The remix does away with Ms Germano

      • Moondance - Van Morrison
        It's always great to receive remixes of album artwork submitted to us by our visitors. It seems we were not the only ones who were inspired by the definition of 'moon' relating to revealing buttocks - an activity we greatly support here at AllBum.Art. This one is provided by Dirk Fa

      • Blue Moon - Elvis Presley
        Following the theme of songs with 'moon' in their title is the 1956 classic Blue Moon by none other than Elvis Presley. The original cover shows a handsome Mr Presley but no indication of what the song has got to do with the moon, though the style of the record could be said to be based o

      • The Whole Of The Moon - The Waterboys
        The Whole Of The Moon was a hit in 1985 (and again when re-released in 1991) for The Waterboys. The original single cover actually consisted of a record cover with the title on it, with the central picture of the moon being printed on the enclosed single. Nice idea! The cover lacked one important

      • New Moon On Monday - Duran Duran
        The last of this week's Duran Duran remixes provided to us by Tony Key of England is for the single New Moon On Monday. For this remix, Mr Key came up with an idea which we at AllBum.Art like very much and which has inspired us to greater things to follow. The word 'moon' has several

      • A View To A Kill - Duran Duran
        A View To A Kill was a hit in 1985 for Duran Duran as the theme tune to the James Bond movie of the same name. This remix is sent in by Tony Key of England who has provided us with a whole week of Duran Duran remixes. The original cover is Bond themed, as we look down the barrel of a gun at Mr Bon

      • Come Undone - Duran Duran
        Come Undone was a single taken from the The Wedding Album by Duran Duran, which we have previously remixed here at AllBum.Art. This remix was submitted by Tony Key of England who says,The original cover gives no indication of what it is that has come undone other than perhaps the strap of a shoe (wh

      • Skin Trade - Duran Duran
        Skin Trade was a relatively minor hit for Duran Duran, but one of the more deserving of a remix.
        Or so says Tony Key who has provided this week's remixes. The original cover shows the curved and oiled skin of a naked model. The remix indicates a different kind of skin trade altogether.

      • Rio - Duran Duran
        The next in this week's Duran Duran remixes provided by Tony Key of England is for the single Rio. In the video to the song, Rio appears to be a hot babe in a bikini who is enjoying the sunshine on a sailing boat. On the original cover of the single she seems to be an oddly made-up semi-geish

      • Planet Earth - Duran Duran
        The second of this week's series of Duran Duran remixes provided by Tony Key of England. This one bears a striking resemblance to yesterday's remix of Girls On Film - no doubt the band had a theme going at the time. The original cover of Planet Earth shows different vistas from the plane

      • Girls On Film - Duran Duran
        This week we are grateful to Tony Key of England who has provided a whole week's worth of remixes of Duran Duran single covers. We start the week with a remix of Girls On Film. The original cover shows the boys in the band in artistic poses and in various different colors. The remix shows som

      • Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
        The second single cover remix for rock legends Led Zeppelin, Stairway To Heaven is probably one of their best known tracks and one which constantly ranks highly on any 'Top 100 All Time...' list. The cover indicates that the heaven that awaits at the top of the stairway is lit by a spooky

      • I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) - Whitney Houston
        I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) was probably one of Whitney Houston's biggest hits. The upbeat mega pop song had an upbeat and cheesy 1980s style video and had a cover that offered a tempting view of Ms Houston who appears to be indicating that if you dance with her she will take he

      • My Sharona - The Knack
        One of those songs whose guitar riffs lead most men of a certain age into bouts of air guitar playing. Had they seen the original cover of My Sharona, it might lead to other riffs. The cover (as you can see) shows Sharona who appears to be a hot 1970s babe in a tight fitting t-shirt and no bra (th

      • Cars That Go Boom - L'Trimm
        This 1988 hip-hop classic has a title that is revving up the remixing engine here at AllBum.Art. Cars That Go Boom was probably the biggest hit of Miami duo L'Trimm. In true 1990s stylee, the cover shows the band on a psychedelic graffiti tag background. The remix shows exactly what you would

      • Don't Leave Me This Way - Thelma Houston
        Don't Leave Me This Way was a 1977 disco hit for Thelma Houston (who ironically is from Mississippi and not Texas!) The cover of the single shows Ms Houston sitting huddled tightly in a white dress. It is evident that she does not want to be left that way. In the remix not much has changed e

      • The Model - Kraftwerk
        According to this 1981 single from German electronic popsters Kraftwerk, "She's a model and she's looking good". At least that is how the opening line of their single The Model goes. But just who is this model, and why is she looking so good? The original cover offers no insig

      • Fattie Bum-Bum - Carl Malcolm
        Some songs, like this rock-steady reggae song from the 1970s are just begging for a remix. Fattie Bum-Bum was apparently Britain's biggest reggae hit - that's probably not saying much. What is also not saying much is the cover of the single, not until we at AllBum.Art remixed it to show

      • Hasten Down The Wind - Linda Ronstadt
        Let us go and Hasten Down The Wind with Linda Ronstadt. To do this, according to the vague instructions on the original album cover, we need to find a babe whose nipples are highly visible through her off-the-shoulder dress, standing near the sea shore. Or take the remix where there is a babe whos

      • Going Underground - The Jam
        Whilst we are on the subject of remixes of British rock legends, here's a counterpoint from the 'Mod' generation band The Jam. Going Underground was one of their biggest hits but the cover of the single doesn't indicate who or what it is that is going underground. It turns out

      • Pinball Wizard - The Who
        "Ever since I was a young boy, I played the silver ball" is the opening line of this 1969 song from rock legends The Who. Now we are led to believe that this is because the person concerned is a Pinball Wizard, but the remix of the single cover artwork offers an alternative suggestion: th

      • Loco-Motion - Little Eva
        Everybody's doing a brand new dance now. Well it might have been brand new in the 1960s but today it's as common as a dime. The Loco-Motion is a dance originally brought to us by Little Eva and involves all kinds of twists and turns. The original cover shows Ms Boyd but tells us nothing

      • Walk This Way - Run DMC
        Walk This Way was a hit for Run DMC (and not mentioning those Aerosmith dudes) in the 1980s. The cover of the single shows the band members in an interesting pose. One of them has obviously seen something he wants and is pushing the other two back so that he can get at it first. The question is,

      • Three Steps To Heaven - Eddie Cochran
        Just follow the Three Steps To Heaven, is what Eddie Cochran instructed us to do way back in 1960. But what will we find if we go there? If the original cover art is to be believed, we will find the aforementioned Mr Cochran playing his guitar. In the remixed version we find that heaven is much m

      • 7 Ways To Love - Cola Boy
        Yesterday we stated that some cover art remixes are inspired by a song's title, and some by a picture. This remix is inspired by both! 7 Ways To Love is an obscure dance single from the 1990s by one-time band Cola Boy. But the title fits the picture perfectly. 7 versions of the same girl, i

      • Delights Of The Garden - The Last Poets
        As has been said many times at AllBum.Art, sometimes a remix of a cover is inspired by the cover of a song or its title, and sometimes by a picture that is just too good to miss the chance to use. This is one of those latter instances where a picture (in this case of a lot of mature ladies in welli

      • Pony - Ginuwine
        Pony was the first single for Washington D.C. rapper Ginuwine. The original cover shows the face of a pony - which is a reasonable thing to show on a single of that name. We feel that Mr Lumpkin would be better served by a different kind of pony though and in the remix we see a naked babe with a po

      • Fields Of Gold - Sting
        Sting (real name Gordon Sumner) released the single Fields Of Gold in 1993. The original cover shows Mr Sumner standing beneath an umbrella with the picture having been colored in a gold hue to signify the goldness of the song. The remix shows what? A naked girl in a real field of gold. No additi

      • Reet Petite - Jackie Wilson
        Reet Petite is a 1957 song (re-released in the mid 1980s) by Jackie Wilson, known the world over for the rolling-R's of Mr Wilson's p-r-r-r-onunciation. The original cover shows Mr Wilson in various different dancing positions but shows no sign of the petite person of whom he sings. The

      • New Years Day - U2
        Happy New Year to you from all of us at AllBum.Art. To celebrate the new year, we bring you a remix of New Years Day by Irish band U2. The original cover is a bit weird with a half naked boy hiding behind a pole. The remix shows the aftermath of a particularly tiring new years party. Everyone is

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