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      • Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
        Na nah na nah nah, doo-doo, doo-doot. Na nah na nah nah, doo-doo, doo-doot. Yes, it's a Whole Lotta Love according to this 1970 single from Led Zeppelin. But oh, what a dismal cover for the single they have. And what on Earth is all this No.1 Super Group nonsense? Talk about talking yourself

      • Black Or White - Michael Jackson
        Is he or isn't he? He certainly was originally. Later, perhaps he wasn't. The question of whether Michael Jackson was Black Or White was a regular discussion in many bars across the nation, at least it was when anyone could give a damn. In this song, Mr Jackson says that it doesn't

      • Only Girl (In The World) - Rihanna
        Rihanna is another one who is asking for it. No, not that. But to have her covers remixed. That said, this single from 2010 marked a strong departure from her earlier tracks in that it is less dark and sexualized. Only Girl (In The World) has Ms Fenty singing about how she wants to be made to fee

      • Born In The USA - Bruce Springsteen
        An all American classic like Apple Pie and July the 4th, Born In The USA is an 80's classic of its own by Bruce Springsteen. The cover for the single is relatively minimalist but almost has the essentials. Firstly, Mr Springsteen is pictured, in full rock-star electric guitar playing style.

      • Superstition - Stevie Wonder
        As the classic 1970s guitar kicks in you prepare yourself for some proper 70's funk. That marks the introduction to this classic from Stevie Wonder from 1972. Superstition is one of those songs that gets people a-twistin' and a-groovin' on dancefloors even today. The cover, on the

      • Embrace - Fragma
        What do we have here? An attractive blonde, squatting down, in a pretty dress in some kind of ragged yet picturesque blue-washed area. How this relates to the title of the album or the cover is totally unknown. The blonde in question does not even appear to be the singer for Fragma's 2002 al

      • Summer Holiday - Cliff Richard
        Another fanmade cover for us to showcase. This time from Tim Marshall of Nottingham, England... We're all going on a summer holiday, or at least that's what Cliff Richard has us repeating everytime the sun comes out. This cover from the 1963 single (and film of the same name) has Mr Rich

      • War - Edwin Starr
        As with the remixed cover of I Shot The Sheriff, here is yet another cover remix inspired by a picture rather than by the song or the original cover artwork. One look at the remixed version will, without question have you going 'War, huh... what is it good for?' But first to the original

      • I Shot The Sheriff - Eric Clapton
        Sometimes the name of an album or single inspires a remixed cover. Sometimes it is the original cover itself which demands a revised version to be produced. Sometimes, as is the case here, it is a random picture found whilst innocently trawling the Internet which forms the inspiration itself. Let

      • Slippery When Wet - Bon Jovi
        An album title waiting to be remixed if ever there was one. In fact a quick Internet search will reveal many remixed and fanmade covers for this 1986 album from Bon Jovi that immediately recognise the idea that there are many things that are Slippery When Wet but few more commonplace, or aesthetica

      • Paradise - Coldplay
        More mid-winter mayhem from those British boys Coldplay. This time their single Paradise is the focus of a remixed cover. This is one of those single covers that deserves to be remixed. It shows what exactly? Well, the words 'Coldplay' and 'Paradise' of course, but the rest o

      • Yellow - Coldplay
        Our Canadian friend Micheal Boob-lay presents lots of opportunities to play around with the artwork covering his singles and albums. It seems our British friends Coldplay offer a similarly wide range of opportunities. The twist here is in 'cold play', as in playing outside in the cold.

      • U Girls (Look So Sexy) - Nush
        There aren't many songs with the words 'sexy' and 'girls' in the title and so it was a joy to find this 1994 single which, to be fair, is very obscure but does at least offer the chance for a really good remix of the cover artwork. The original cover has a girl in a t-shirt

      • Girls - Sugababes
        Another entry submitted to us from a keen user of our remixed album art. This one comes from Dennie Macnamara from Belfast, Ireland. He says that the song Girls by the Sugababes is very popular in his country for a number of good reasons. Firstly, it's one of those anthems that girls like to

      • Cold As Ice - Foreigner
        The cover of this 1977 single from soft rock legendeña¹ Foreigner looks like something that a college student has hand-drawn during their lunchbreak. It does appear to show the band members, but in almost cartoon form. Why they are wearing long raincoats and are stood amongst some old-style leat

      • Set Fire To The Rain - Adele
        Buxom British babe Adele's 2011 song Set Fire To The Rain is something of an enigma. The cover for the single shows Adele but gives no indicate of how the act of setting fire to rain is to be carried out. When it comes to setting fire to rain, then this is a bit of a thorny problem. On Earth a

      • Rain - Madonna
        The Madonna song Rain was released in 1993 and was taken from her album Erotica. The album was published together with a book called Sex which showed Ms Ciccone in many shades of undress but this is not reflected in the cover for this single. The cover for Rain has a picture from Ms Ciccone singin

      • Umbrella - Rihanna
        Rihanna's 2007 hit Umbrella was arguably the biggest selling song of 2007 in most countries around the world. The chorus's refrain of 'you can stand under by umber ella, ella, ella, hey, hey, hey, under my umber ella, ella, ella, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey' marks what must be the p

      • Singin' In The Rain - Gene Kelly
        Do de do doo, doo de do de do doody... Few people on the planet Earth are unfamiliar with this classic song, especially the version sung by Gene Kelly. Singin' In The Rain is the song that has come to represent the state of being happy-go-lucky whilst walking around outside and being drenched

      • Naked In The Rain - Blue Pearl
        As titles for songs go, the 1990 hit from Blue Pearl called Naked In The Rain is like a red rag to a bull when it comes to possible twists on the cover art for the single. The original cover shows a blue pearl, which is one of the rarest colours of pearl. The pearl is sat amidst some material whic

      • Heartbreaker - Mariah Carey
        Tink Delorio writes to us from New York (birthplace of Mariah Carey). He says:
        It's not often that the cover of a single leaves little to be improved upon. But as Mariah is so cute and has great boobs which are virtually on full display, the cover of the single Heartbreaker should be hono

      • Chiquitita - ABBA
        The cover from this 1978 single by Swedish songsters ABBA has their pictures on it. That ticks a great big box. But there remains one enormous problem with the cover and with the single itself. The cover does not explain what the fück a Chiquitita actually is. The lyrics are veiled in mystery wi

      • White Lines (Don't Do It) - Grandmaster Flash And Melle Mel
        Three flashes in a row, anyone might start believing that there was some logic in the apparently random songs picked to appear. Anyone would be largely wrong. The cover for this 1983 song by Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel fails on the same front that many other covers do. Firstly, the band membe

      • Flashdance (What A Feeling) - Irene Cara
        Oooh, what a feelin', when you're dancin' on the seelin'. No, not that one, that's Lionel Richie you're thinking of. This is the Oooh, what a feelin', feel's believin'. From the 1983 film Flashdance (whose name is most probably taken from this sing) no

      • Flash - Queen
        Whilst we are in the realm of the Britannic majesty of Queen, there is one more song that is just gagging to have a cover that reflects it's double-entendre if not triple or quadruple-entendre title and that is Flash. Recently re-popularized by the film Ted, the song is the theme tune to the 1

      • Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
        If ever there was a single made specially to suit AllBum.Art it has to be Fat Bottomed Girls/Bicycle Race. The single was a double A side. In this case A most exquisitely stands for ass and even British pop legends Queen picked up on the irony of their choice of songs for this double A side and pl

      • Sweets For My Sweet - CJ Lewis
        The cover for CJ Lewis's 1994 cover version of The Drifters classic Sweets For My Sweet appeared on the radar thanks to an e-mail from Reg Spineby of England (whose Samantha Fox cover is featured on the site). Reg says that he long wondered what the connection is between the song and the pictu

      • 9 To 5 - Sheena Easton
        Welcome back to work after the holiday season. And to get back into the mood, here's a song about going to work. A number 1 hit from Scottish songstress Sheena Easton 9 To 5 (which we know best as Morning Train) is all about that monotonous daily grind. Ms Easton is perhaps best know for bec

      • Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now - Samantha Fox
        It's always nice to receive a submission from someone new. This one comes courtesy of Reg Splineby of Grimsby, England. Reg tells us that Samantha Fox was a 'page 3' model in England in the 1980s. Apparently this means that she posed topless for one of the national newspapers. Aft

      • Vogue - Madonna
        "Strike A Pose". Those were the instructions that Madonna gave us in her 1990 single Vogue. On the cover we see Ms Ciccone striking some kind of pose, though one which most visibly suggest that she is suffering from some kind of back pain. The video for Vogue is much more true to the co

      • January - Pilot
        Do you remember this one? Chances are you didn't but there are very few songs with months in their title, and as it's January, this song from Scottish songsters Pilot, aptly called January, fits the bill nicely. It didn't, though, fit the billboard nicely, but did make number 1 in P

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