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  • 2020
    • January
      • Boots - The Killers
        We give half points to The Killers for their single Boots, as the original cover artwork does, at least, show a pair of boots. Why they are in a snow-globe is less clear. On the remix, nothing much has changed, except to say that a babe wearing killer boots has joined the picture, and is sitting on

      • Sky High - Jigsaw
        There are many possible interpretations of Sky High. It could mean high, in the sky (obviously). Or it could refer to something that is very high, like high heels. On the original cover of the single by Jigsaw we find none of this, just a drawing of the band members and a jigsaw. On the remix we

      • Sealegs - The Shins
        What would you expect to see on the front artwork of a single called Sealegs? Perhaps you might expect to see the sea, and possibly a some legs? No, not according to The Shins. What you find on the original cover is some kind of sea-urchin related drawing. On the remix everything returns to norm

      • Lemonade - Beyonce
        A refreshing glass of Lemonade, what could be nicer? So it may come as some surprise that on the original album artwork by Beyonce no such refreshment is visible. Overall, the original feel of the album is anything but refreshing. On the remixed artwork all of this has been resolved, and we find a

      • Naked - Dev And Enrique Iglesias
        Whilst we're on the subject, here are another two stars who have failed to understand the meaning of the word Naked. Dev (whose song Dancing Shoes is one of the highest ranked remixes according to the AllBum.Art statistics) and Enrique Iglesias also appear fully clothed on the original single

      • Naked - Louise
        What would you expect from a single whose name is Naked when it came to designing the cover artwork? Well it seems that Louise didn't think that wearing clothes was in any way contradictory. Seriously? Don't all pop stars want to pose naked on the front cover of their singles? On the rem

      • The White Shoes - Wale
        The White Shoes, that is what Wale are purportedly singing about. We only know this as that is the title of the song, as the original cover artwork shows only a box, though this could be the box the white shoes came in. On the remix a babe has tried on the white shoes but in an unfortunate turn of

      • Red Dress - Magic
        We have a grudging respect for Magic as all they have illustrated on the original front cover artwork for their single Red Dress, is a red dress. Keep it simple, that's the rule. The remix does not try and break with the keeping it simple ethos as the only difference is that the red dress now

      • Grab A Hold - Cyndi Lauper
        Another remix for pop weirdness Cyndi Lauper, in the form of Grab A Hold. On the original single front cover artwork we find Ms Lauper in one of her landmark costumes, resembling an iced donut with legs. On the remix we find a red-haired babe whose stance seems to suggest that she is offering us to

      • Something To Grab For - Ric Ocasek
        What is it that Ric Ocasek thinks is Something To Grab For? If the original single cover artwork is used to guide us to the answer, it can be nothing other than Mr Ocasek himself. On the remix, we find a babe who, it is reasonable to state, is more than adequately gifted with something to grab for

      • Walkin' After Midnight - Patsy Cline
        What do you find if you're Walkin' After Midnight? According to the original single cover artwork by Patsy Cline, her smiling face is what you will find. The remix seems more up-to-date as now, as we wander around after the midnight hour, we find a babe with very long stocking-clad legs,

      • Holy Cow - Lee Dorsey
        Holy Cow, that is how Lee Dorsey discusses the girl who walked out on him. Holy smoke, it ain't no joke. Neither is the original single front cover artwork which shows Mr Dorsey with a less than unhappy smile on his face. On the remix we find a babe who looks like the type who might just wal

      • Forever Young - Rod Stewart
        Forever Young is what Rod Stewart claims to be. The fact that he has a penchant for dating younger women should come as no real surprise. On the original single cover artwork we find Mr Stewart sitting on a car with a group of 80's-haired concubines. On the remix we find an older babe who is

      • I Sat By The Ocean - Queens Of The Stone Age
        When the Queens Of The Stone Age put together the artwork for their single I Sat By The Ocean, a skull and a bottle floating along a sea of what looks like blood is clearly what was on their minds. On the remix we find a babe who is sat by the ocean, well, squatting by the ocean might be more accur

      • Escape - Rupert Holmes
        Escape by Rupert Holmes is one of those songs which is better know by a different title, in this case it is more widely recognized as The Piña Colada Song. You know, the one that goes 'If you like Piña Coladas, and getting caught in the rain'. The original cover of the single alludes t

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