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  • 2019
    • November
      • Walk On The Ocean - Toad The Wet Sprocket
        Let's Walk On The Ocean with Toad The Wet Sprocket, as it's such a lovely day. The sky is light gray, the sea is white, the beach is dark gray, and we are joined on the beach by two boys. At least that is what the original single cover artwork depicts. On the remix, a similarly gray-sca

      • Walking In The Rain - The Ronettes
        Apparently The Ronettes have been, or are, Walking In The Rain. Somehow, having done so, they have remained completely dry and their beehive hair-dos intact, at least that's how they appear on the original single cove artwork. On the remix is a babe who is walking in the rain. Unlike the band

      • Fisherman's Blues - The Waterboys
        Fisherman's Blues was both an album and a single for The Waterboys back in the late 1980s. The original front cover artwork shows the band members playing their instruments. Maybe they are playing the blues. Maybe they are fishermen. On the remix, a babe wearing a blue bikini stands at a fis

      • To The Sea - Jack Johnson
        To The Sea is both the name of a single and an album by Jack Johnson as we keep the seaside theme going. On the original front cover, someone has made a strange construction which, it is just possible, is some kind of mechanism for getting to the sea. On the remix, no contraptions are necessary as

      • Seaside - The Kooks
        Continuing the nautical theme, here is Seaside by The Kooks. On the original single cover artwork we find the band sitting around playing their guitars, and the drummer in the background. Are they at the seaside? It's impossible to tell. On the remix is a babe who is standing in the sea, by s

      • Girl And The Sea - The Presets
        The Girl And The Sea. What could be simpler for a designer of the front cover artwork for this single by The Presets to illustrate. So how the devil did he, or she, come up with a wrestler and a forest? The remix fixes this completely. All that is pictured on the remixed artwork is a girl, stand

      • Me And My Guitar - Tom Dice
        We score Tom Dice full marks for his original cover artwork. On it is a picture of Mr Dice, and wouldn't you know it, he is holding his guitar, so for the first time in ages an artist has illustrated their single properly. The remix therefore adds nothing new, except that Mr Dice is replaced b

      • Spirits In The Material World - The Police
        The Police are having problems. They have got Spirits In The Material World, which is messing their ability to put together the front cover artwork for their single in the way they had wanted. All they have managed is a fuzzy blue representation of their faces. Let's help them out. On the r

      • Candy - Paulo Nutini
        Ah yes, Candy. Nothing says candy as much as black and white photo of Paulo Nutini holding a guitar and sitting in front of some old buildings. At least that's what those who designed the original single cover artwork thought. On the remix is a happy. smiling blonde babe wearing a bikini mad

      • Wild Thing - The Troggs
        Who doesn't know the opening refrain of this The Troggs' song Wild Thing. You make my heart sing. The original cover may make some people's hearts sing, but the remix, we feel, would do a much better job. On it we find a babe enjoying the big wild outdoors, sprawling by a river and

      • The Look Of Love - ABC
        Whilst we're in the mood for remixing cover artwork by ABC, it's time to get The Look Of Love. On the original we find the band members (this seems to be a common theme with this band) with their instruments. On the remix we find a babe who just has that look of love in her eyes. If it i

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