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  • 2018
    • January
      • Bad Animals - Heart
        In a way, the original album front cover artwork for Bad Animals by Heart does at least depict some animals, that are quite badly drawn, so kudos to them for that. On the remix we find some other animals (the green one is maybe a lizard, the black and white one a zebra, we are not sure what the pur

      • Angelia - Richard Marx
        Another remix for Richard Marx, this time for his song Angelia. On the original single cover artwork we see that Mr Marx is standing holding his guitar. This begs the obvious question of who Angelia is, unless, of course, it is in fact the name of his guitar. On the remix we find an angel of a ba

      • Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx
        Another triple-play for you today, from none other than Richard Marx and his song Right Here Waiting. On the original single front cover artwork we find Mr Marx leaning against a wall, and to be fair to him, it does appear that he is waiting for something or other. On the first of the remixes, we f

      • One Drink Too Many - Sailor
        We think Sailor may have had One Drink Too Many when putting together the original single front cover artwork for their song as we find the band members standing around with their instruments but with no drink in sight. On the remix we find a babe with a bottle in her hand, glugging down what seems

      • Just Can't Get Enough - Depeche Mode
        Whilst we are on the subject of Depeche Mode, here's yet another remix, this time for the front cover of their single Just Can't Get Enough. On the original artwork we find some kind of mummy, or failing that, a man badly wrapped in bandages at what must have been some kind of highly rudi

      • Dreaming Of Me - Depeche Mode
        Back in March 2016, we had a whole week of Depeche Mode remixes, but that doesn't stop us dropping a few new ones in the mix from time to time. Today it is the original single front cover artwork for Dreaming Of Me that hits the news-stands. On the original cover we find a babe with a long po

      • Turn Around - Phats & Small
        Turn Around (or Hey What's Wrong With You as it is sometimes sub-titled) is by Phats & Small whose original single front cover artwork tells us that they are on Multiply Records, but nothing about who or what is turning around or, even, why. On the remix we find two babes out for a cycle o

      • Doctorin' The House - Coldcut
        We are Doctorin' The House with Coldcut (Featuring Yazz & The Plastic Population). The original single front cover artwork is a handy blur of orange and aqua blobs that really does not in any way convey any kind of medical message that might be associated with the song. On the remix we fi

      • Free As The Morning Sun - Mr Hermano
        It may seem odd to be remixing a summer sizzler in January, but it's nice to be cheered by some warm sunshine in these dark, cold times of the year (and it is, of course, summer in the southern hemisphere). The original front cover single artwork for Free As The Morning Sun by Mr Hermano doesn

      • The Winter Wonder - The Florin Street Band
        Yes, it's still cold outside and so the perfect time for another wintery remix, this time for The Florin Street Band and their single (well E.P. actually) The Winter Wonder. On the original single front cover artwork we find a suitably wintery scene with holly berries and that. On the remix w

      • Keep The Fire Burning - Gwen McCrae
        We wonder whether today's remix artist Gwen McCrae is in any way related to yesterday's remix artist George, but we are too lazy to put their names into a search engine to find out. Anyway, today's triple-play remix of Keep The Fire Burning shows that the original single front cover

      • Rock Your Baby - George McCrae
        On the original single front cover artwork for Rock Your Baby, we find George McCrae lounging around against a wooden fence. It seems he is not rocking, though it is a still photo, but there is definitely no baby, babe or other diminutive person around. On the remix we find a babe, or baby, who is

      • Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed - Matt Bianco
        When a band such as Matt Bianco sings a song entitled Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed, we expect a little more from the original single cover artwork than a moody picture of the band members. What we do expect is a bed, with someone in it, who is clearly lazy and doesn't want to get out (or is is the

      • Your Mirror - Simply Red
        So Simply Red want to sing to us about Your Mirror do they? This is odd, as on the original single cover artwork, there are no mirrors visible, just the lead singer standing in front of a sunset (or is it a sunrise?) On the remix we find a babe examining her outfit in a mirror. Is it her mirror,

      • Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Frankie Vaughan
        Another triple-play from us good folk at AllBum.Art, and this time for Frankie Vaughan and his single Kisses Sweeter Than Wine. On the original single front cover artwork we find Mr Vaughan standing holding what appears to be some fishing rope. Where are the kisses, or the wine, you are no doubt a

      • Starry Eyed Surprise - Oakenfold
        On the original single cover artwork for Starry Eyed Surprise by Oakenfold we find a female mannequin wearing a black and white face mask and whose body has been covered in silver paint. How do we know it is a mannequin - check out the arms where you can see the join to the hand! On the remix we f

      • Hypnotised - Paul Oakenfold
        Another remix for Paul Oakenfold and this time it's a triple-play. On the original single cover artwork for Hypnotised, we find the great wall of China which does have a certain hypnotic charm. On the first remix we find a babe sitting on a bed. We are not sure if she has been hypnotized, or

      • Faster Kill Pussycat - Oakenfold Featuring Brittany Murphy
        Wouldn't you expect that on the original front cover artwork of a single called Faster Kill Pussycat, there would be some kind of feline figure to see? Well, according to Oakenfold Featuring Brittany Murphy, the silhouette of a city skyline is far more the kind of thing. Not so for the remix,

      • This Year's Love - David Gray
        This Year's Love is what David Gray sings about and being January, we were keen to see how this year's love differed from last year's. However, the original single cover artwork does not help with this as all we find is a picture of Mr Gray looking, well, for want of a better word, g

      • What's Another Year - Johnny Logan
        What's Another Year? That is what Johnny Logan asks us. How timely is his question as we enter a new year? How odd, then, that on the original single cover artwork we find Mr Logan looking less than happy. For the remix we've gone all HG Wells and we find a babe sitting on a time machin

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