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  • 2020
    • March
      • Sweet Dreams - La Bouche
        Sweet Dreams are made of this, or in this case, are made of La Bouche. At least, if your idea of sweet dreams are the two band members standing with their legs crossed against a white background, then you are going to be happy. On the remix, a curvy babe is walking up the stairs, presumably to go

      • Shine - Luther Vandross
        Luther Vandross has got some Shine. On the original single front cover artwork this is clearly illustrated by the fact that Mr Vandross is wearing a black sweater and is standing against a very (un)bright grey and pink background. On the remix we find a babe who has umpteenth more shine than Mr Va

      • All Mine - Portishead
        Portishead seem to think that a good representation of the title of their single All Mine would be to have a young girl standing in a dress with a P on it, holding what looks like the detonator to an explosive vest (one that she does not appear to be wearing). On the remix is a babe who can rightly

      • Curtain Falls - Blue
        The Curtain Falls on Blue. As you can clearly see from the original single front cover artwork, this involved a blue curtain having fallen behind where the band members are standing. If anything, then, the remix is less accurate as the curtain is red, and hasn't quite fallen yet. The babe sta

      • People Are Strange - Echo And The Bunnymen
        It's not just that People Are Strange, but taking a look at the front cover artwork for this single by Echo And The Bunnymen, it's also the designer's notion of what a cover might look like that is strange. Wearing a fruit bowl for a hat is obviously what passed for strange in the 19

      • Gorilla - Bruno Mars
        Whilst we're dealing with Bruno Mars Bar, here's another remix. The original single front cover artwork for Gorilla shows what appears to be a naked babe lying down on a bed next to a gorilla. The remix turns the clock back an hour or so to when the same babe was enticing the gorilla int

      • Grenade - Bruno Mars
        Does the hand-drawn blob on the cover of Bruno Mars Bar's single Grenade look like a grenade to you, or more like a Robin wearing an ear-ring? A very poor attempt at a cover. It's a good job that AllBum.Art is here to remix the cover to bring back some sanity. In it, the ear-ring wearing

      • Drunk In Love - Beyoncé Featuring Jay-Z
        What does Drunk In Love actually mean? When Beyoncé Featuring Jay-Z sings about it, are they more focussed on the drunkenness or on being in love. Is it both together? The original single front cover artwork doesn't help answer this question as it just shows a baby lying down in a see-throu

      • Summer Jam - The Underdog Project
        The way we see things, there are two possible definitions of what a Summer Jam might be:The original single front cover artwork for this song by The Underdog Project shows neither of these. So it is a good job that the remix helps, and we can determine with some certainty that it is the traffic-rel

      • Underwear Goes Inside The Pants - Lazy-B
        It is correct, that Underwear Goes Inside The Pants, and in this respect Lazy B is not incorrect. The original single cover artwork, on the other hand, makes no attempt to illustrate what happens if you don't follow this time-honored role. The remix assists by showing a babe who has not grasp

      • Irresistible - Cathy Dennis
        What a clever play on words Cathy Dennis has going on, with her single Irresistible, as it is taken from her album whose title is The Irresistible Cathy Dennis. On the original single cover artwork we see Ms Dennis hiding behind some blue ribbon, and looking appetizing, if not necessarily irresisti

      • Feel Good - Phats And Small
        Phats And Small Feel Good, or at least that's what the title of their song would have us believe. This is ably illustrated on the original single front cover artwork by having the name of the band, and the title of the song, clear - yes, but interesting - no. On the remix is a babe who is hav

      • Inside Out - Odyssey
        Odyssey have lots of songs that can be related in various ways to clothing. Today it is the turn of their song Inside Out. On the original single cover artwork we find three band members looking very 'the right way around' instead of the converse. On the remix is a babe who has put on h

      • Head Over Heels - The Go-go's
        There are a surprising number of songs that are about being Head Over Heels, several of which we, at AllBum.Art have remixed. Today is is the turn of The Go-Go's version. You could not fail to miss the name of the band on the original single front cover artwork, emblazoned as it is, in garish

      • Let It Rain - Tinchy Stryder Featuring Melanie Fiona
        Tinchy Stryder (is that even a real name) is Featuring Melanie Fiona and together they are going to Let It Rain. This is clear from the original single front cover artwork, because, well, it's purple. On the remix, it is much clearer as we find a babe standing underneath her umbrella which is

      • High Enough - Damn Yankees
        What is High Enough for the Damn Yankees? If the original single front cover artwork is our spirit guide, what is high enough is just to repeat the words 'high enough' several times. The remix shows a babe who is waling around in a pair of boots whose heels are high enough for anyone, i

      • 4 - Beyoncé
        It might seem straightforward to you and me, but clearly to Beyoncé, counting to 4 seems to have eluded her. On the original album front cover artwork there is unquestionably just 1, even if you count those aspects of Ms Knowles' body that there are 2 of, it doesn't make 4. On the remix

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