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Published by on Thursday, August 13, 2020


In addition to being able to search for single and album remixes, including searching just for the name of an artist, here at AllBum.Art, we have always categorized the various artwork remixes by whether they were for singles or whether they were albums. In addition, we've separated them out into the decade that the single or album was released, so you can, for example, just peruse albums released in the 1970s, or singles of the 2010s.

In addition, we've categorised all of the remixes into those which we deem safe for work and those which are not safe for work. The difference between the two is that those which are 'safe for work' may show a cheeky fanny and may still have nudity, but there will be no genitalia visible.

Seasonal Categories

We also included a number of categories for special types of seasonal artwork remixes which we had defined as follows:

[img=images/ambrose-the-sun-has-got-his-hat-on-2.jpg popup=true float=right width=150 height=150][b][url=index.php?category=20]Summer Sizzlers[/url][/b]
These are sizzling, sultry remixes of the cover artwork of songs that either have summer in their title, or are about places you go, things you get up to, or things you connect with the summer months such as beaches, bikinis, boats, surfing, and sunshine.
[img=images/whodini-freaks-come-out-at-night-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=21]Halloween Hits[/url][/b]
These are spooky, creepy remixes in which the song is either directly concerned with Halloween (which are quite rare) or are about related things such as ghosts, ghouls, witches or the devil or generally to do with being dead such as the grim reaper, graveyards or coffins.
[img=images/mop-cold-as-ice-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=24]Winter Warmers[/url][/b]
These are either chilly remixes which are about winter itself, or have titles or themes which are closely connected with winter, which is mostly either to do with being freezing cold, or about snow and ice. The occasional, and somewhat warmer, fireside creeps its way into this category too.
[img=images/gary-walker-santas-got-a-brand-new-bag-1.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=4]Christmas Crackers[/url][/b]
These are festive remixes in which the song is directly and obviously connected with the holiday season such as being about Xmas or Santa Claus, or are about things connected with Christmas such as trees, presents, sleighs (and sleighbells), wrapping paper, baubles, holly or some other yuletide topic.

Special Remixes

The majority of remixes here at AllBum.Art are generally designed with the male viewer in mind and thus comprise semi-clad or naked babes in various poses. For the main, these pictures try and obscure anything which might be considered overtly pornographic, however on occasion the title of a song so blatantly demands a risqué remix that it would be a crime not to produce one. And just occasionally, the title of a song leads to a remix which is more suited to a female audience than a male one.

[img=images/biffy-clyro-ideal-height-1.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=23]Remi-XXX-es[/url][/b]
These are remixes where the picture used in the remix is far more provocative than regular remixes. This may involve pictures that show penetration, or clearly visible vulvas, or something that is not just unsafe for work, but is definitely R-rated.
[img=images/boney-m-daddy-cool-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=22]One For The Ladies[/url][/b]
These are remixes which, quite simply, feature semi-naked or nude men instead of the usual fare of women. It should be noted that some men might like these remixes too, and some women may like the regular ones, whatever floats your boat is fine by us.


It was suggested to us, by one of our contributors, that we might also want to associate different themes to the remixes so that if someone particularly likes, for example, busty babes, they can just look at the remixes where they will find them.

This led us to an interesting set of decisions. What constitutes 'busty' for example? When are the heels of a shoe high enough to qualify as 'high heels'? Our definitions of what is what and how we have assigned themes to our remixes is as follows.

[img=images/richard-marx-angelia-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=42]Angels & Devils[/url][/b]
These are remixes where the song is about or is closely connected with angels or devils (see also [url=index.php?category=21]Halloween Hits[/url]), or where the babe in the remix is wearing an angel or devil, or some other religious outfit.
[img=images/mos-def-ms-fat-booty-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=41]BBW[/url][/b]
A tough call this one. When is a lady just slightly overweight, and when does her fulsome figure make her a full blown BBW? We decided that where a babe had rolls of stomach fat that fold over each other, that makes her a big beautiful woman. Anything less than that is just lovely love handles.
[img=images/robbie-williams-shes-the-one-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=45]Busty[/url][/b]
Another difficult category to rationalize. Is there a specific bra-size which constitutes busty, and, even if there was, how would it be possible to identify which of the remixes included babes with such bountiful busts? In the end we thought that any babe whose breasts could only be described as buxom or bosoms should be counted as busty, anyone with just plain tits is insufficient.
[img=images/queen-killer-queen-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=53]Fantasy & Cosplay[/url][/b]
This category includes any remixes which use drawings including vintage or pin-up art, show any creatures from a fantasy realm including space cadets and robots, show babes in costumes such as brides, policewomen, cheer-leaders or air-hostesses, or are figures from fairy tales. It excludes [url=index.php?category=42]angels and devils[/url] as these are covered elsewhere.
[img=images/a-nothing-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=46]Flat-Chested[/url][/b]
This category is all about babes with no boobs, girls with no glands, models with no mammaries or women with no waps. Alternatively, babes with berries for boobs, girls with goji berries for glands, models with miniature mammaries or women with wasps for waps. You get the idea.
[img=images/tlc-unpretty-2.jpg width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=50]Hairy[/url][/b]
Remixes in this category fall into two basic categories. Either:
  • the babe in the remix has hairy armpits, or
  • the babe in the remix has a fuzzy muff (a.k.a. muzzy fluff).
Some people like this kind of thing, others don't. Whether or not you do is your decision.
[img=images/david-lee-roth-sensible-shoes-2.jpg width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=52]High Heels[/url][/b]
When is a high heel not a high heel? That is the question that we had to answer in order to decide which remixes fall into this category. Do we measure the height of a heel, and if we do, how do you do that on a picture. In the end we figured that if the heel on the shoe was high enough that the line from the instep to the shin of the woman wearing it was either virtually straight, or even bent slightly back, that was what counted.
[img=images/kenny-chesney-no-shoes-no-shirt-no-problems-2.jpg width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=55]Lingerie[/url][/b]
A relatively straightforward category, this is one in which the ladies (or possibly the men, who is to say in this day and age) are wearing some lingerie, such as brassieres (bras in other words), garters, girdles, gussets, panties, stockings, and suspender belts. Typically undergarments of a more lacy constitution are included in this category, rather than plain cotton underwear.
[img=images/sugababes-ugly-2.jpg width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=43]Mature[/url][/b]
Another category that is a difficult call. When is a woman mature, or old, and when is she just middle-aged? We do not feel qualified to answer this so we have arbitrarily decided that any woman who looks like she might be 50 years old, or older, will be categorized as being mature. This applies even if she is acting in an immature manner!
[img=images/outkast-so-fresh-so-clean-2.jpg width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=54]Outdoors[/url][/b]
A nice and simple category, this one. Where someone in the remix is outdoors, or outside then this would be the place to put them. This might be in a park, on a street, by a lake, on a beach, or indeed anywhere that is not indoors!
[img=images/kenny-the-bump-remix.jpg width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=51]Pregnant[/url][/b]
In this category the remix will contain a babe who is clearly pregnant (rather than just being overweight). This is generally apparent on account of her having a distended stomach. It's a relatively small category but it was suggested that it was still worth including.
[img=images/the-go-team-ladyflash-2.jpg width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=48]Public[/url][/b]
You might be wondering how '[url=index.php?category=48]public[/url]' differs from '[url=index.php?category=54]outdoors[/url]'. Firstly, you can be outdoors but not public. It's only public if there is someone else around, and that person is not there intentionally, otherwise it's private! Secondly, you can be in public with other people around but be indoors. Simple really.
[img=images/kylie-minogue-skirt-2.jpg width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=44]Teen[/url][/b]
In theory, this should be a simple category to define... Teen just means that the babe in the picture is aged either 18 or 19. But that can be a difficult call to make just from a picture so in the judgement of the team, we shall use teen to mean someone who looks like, or is dressed like, they are a teenager.
[url=search.php?q=rosemarie+martin][img=images/babybird-ugly-beautiful-2.jpg width=150 height=150 float=right][/url][b][url=index.php?category=47]Ugly[/url][/b]
Like many similar definitions, what constitutes ugly is a rather subjective decision. One man's beauty is another man's dog. A rather extreme definition has thus been applied: If a woman is so bad looking that even if she was sprawled naked in front of you, you would prefer to be somewhere else, then she has been classed as ugly!
[img=images/cliff-richard-on-the-beach-2.jpg width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=56]Vintage & Retro[/url][/b]
Today's picture will look vintage and retro in a few decades, but for now, this category is dedicated to pictures and photos which are either obviously taken prior to 1980 (making them at least 40 years old), or are done in a style which you would associate with that period. This includes drawings of pin-up girls which, although may be modern, are more commonly associated with the 1940s and 1950s.
[img=images/ronettes-walking-in-the-rain-2.jpg width=150 height=150 float=right][b][url=index.php?category=49]Wet & Windy[/url][/b]
The wet and windy category includes any pictures where it is either wet, or windy (obviously). This includes those including rain, storms, gales, hurricanes and many other kinds of weather. It also includes people getting wet on purpose such as in pools or showers.